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March 04, 2014


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Love that couch and chair Ms. Red! It's fun to see you posting again -- even though I see you on instagram, it's not quite the same. Little Miss Skylar is adorable -- I think it's high time you made her a doggie quilt!!! ;-D

Jen W.

You will have a fabulous time in Cali! I'm sure you are just itching to go RIGHT NOW!


In and Out....oh how I miss them....regular burger, double veggies no sauces, heaven, huge heaven on a bun!!! we will be in San Diego end of April....In and Out will be enjoyed and some GOOD Mexican food....living in Colorado....sadly the Mexican food is, well interesting...lol

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Your couch and chair are awesome!


cant wait!!!!!!!!!! the couch is amazing!!!!

Jean C.

O.K., I know your hubby wouldn't approve of your being gone thissss long! Lol.... miss your posts!


Hello there, I sure do miss your posts. I hope all is well. I enjoy your blog so much.

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