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February 25, 2014


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Welcome back! We've had 3 days of snowing but it's getting very warm, so I think it will be gone soon. Your new tabletopper is wonderful, change is a fun way to decorate with quilts. Skylar is the cutest puppy I've ever seen.


Missed your posts, loved the pics of Skylar, nothing like a new puppy. After DH surgery, we had a break away from the routine of home and came home with two puppies..so much love in these little creatures...Kind Regards, Lyn


Skyler is so cute.....I don't know how you've gotten anything done! I would be playing with her all the time!


Hi! :-) Yep, we’ve had a bit of the S word here in NC too. Crazy winter! Love the quilt pictures and the Skylar pictures!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Skylar is indeed adorable.


Oh what an ADORABLE, ADORABLE puppy!!! I love all of your pictures of Skyler, but that one of her looking at the Christmas tree is just too perfect! Such a cutie-pie! Great job on your quilts!


Hi,well I'd say the "S" word is definitely 'Skylar'! What an adorable face! Thanks for the photos!

Winona Thompson

I have gotten out of the blog mood too. I love Skylar. I have been trying to talk my dh into us getting a golden, but he isn't too sure about it. LOL It looks like you are a good 'doggie mama'. She is happy and growing like a weed. Look forward to seeing more blog posts from you, and who knows, you may even inspire me to start blogging again. LOL

Jen W.

How much Miss Skylar has grown! She's still cute but I'm missing that puppy face. :)


Skylar is very very cute. I can tell that she is going to be a puppy handful. My darling dog is 10 and she still provides us with some very puppyish moments. They are such wonderful company.

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