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December 03, 2013


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Haha -- it appears that the comments are working this time! I can't wait to see pics of your new baby. I hope she'll be a good girl and let you sleep -- if not, just let her sleep on your pillow with you ROFLOL!!! Looks like you have Christmas under control this year -- at least one of us does!!!

Robin Crittenden

Can't wait to see Skylar. She will be fun but you will be up with that baby early in the mornings. They have to learn to potty outside. So no big snow yet.

Jen W.

Looking good over there. Can't wait to see the newest addition. I too like Philosophy. Wish I had checked out the website for the sale. I bought those last year for some family members.


aww love the story of Hunka decorating your deck :) Hope you are enjoying your pup!


Your new desk area looks so organized and inviting to work at. Love the outside decorations, I hope you'll show us some inside. The new logcabin is going to be fantastic for Christmas.

Anne Heath

OK - so I've scoured the web for this fabric which at one point (2008!!!!) you had for sale. Any chance it's gathering dust somewhere and still for sale???

"It's called Spencer Museum of Art collection 1800-1830 civil war fabrics by Barbara Brackman & Terry Clothier. Ok, I just opened the plastic so I could tell you that info. LOL 39 fat quarters, $45.00"

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