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October 17, 2013


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Holy hell that bruise does look painful hun. As you say you were extremely lucky! I like the way you have revamped your blog, much nicer than disappearing. It always amazes me how much decorating is done on your side of the world for all the different seasons and events. We are such a boring old lot here in the Southern Hemisphere.

mary truax

Sharon I enjoy seeing your holiday decorations. That boo boo sure is a doosie. Hope you recover quickly so you can enjoy quilt market.


I'm so glad you went back to blogging. Your blog always brings a smile to my face. Sorry to hear about your fall and about the half-empty glass. Feel better soon and I hope the glass will soon be FULL!


Oh no Sharon, that bruise looks nasty, take care of yourself. I love your Halloween quilts and decorations. Have fun at market.


Ouch! You be careful girl! Your Halloween decs are looking good. The pond stuff doesn't look so fun -- I'm not looking forward to leaf clean-up, but it must be done. And I'm sooo envious that you're going to market -- can't wait to see your posts -- I hope you have a great time!!!

Jean C.

Well wonders never cease!!! I check out this "spot" just in case you have written something; and then move on over to the Daisy Cottage Quilting blog... but I can not tell a lie; it's been a while... bout the same with my blog I 'spect! Hard to get back to them when so many other things are going on.
So glad your not hurt too bad... be careful did you at least go to the dr.? Gotta watch for blood clots! Not trying to scare you, just being realistic!

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