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February 02, 2013


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Hi Sharon...
So happy to see you finally getting a dog....:0)) after all those wonderful pics on Pinterest...Bear/Chuck are the cutest ever...I wish you all the luck with him...you must have missed doggy company...
I can't imagine a day without my Molly...
Take care and love your sewing!!! Hugs!!!


I'm sure he is going to be yours.
Hope you get him soon!


I hope that you get your new pet. He looks adorable regardless of what name you call him.
We have an adopted dog, got her at a year and a half and she is almost 10 now. We love her very much.


How exciting! I hope Chuck is soon happily living with you guys. How could they turn you down? Well, other than maybe, all that fabric poses a health hazard to the dog LOL!!! Happy Birthday to Willster!!!


You've been very busy, the new Valentine quilt is another cutie. Road to CA must have been a fun time. A new member of the family....congratulations. He looks so sweet and wanting your love.
Keep the posts coming, it's very inspiring to see your projects.


Please come back soon we miss you already!!!!

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