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November 17, 2012


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its not easy to find people in this world that you are kindred spirits with......I have only found it a few times in all my years on this earth...but you and I were meant to be in each others lives forever...I knew it from the minute I met you.


what a treasure trove full of yummies Sharon. You and Debbie are lucky to have each other, as you say special friends are hard to find and worth fighting for at times. I absolutely love your header photo, so cute hun.


what a great post
I was thinking about you the other day when working with RED fabrics again :)
love that Annie you must have some collection of annies! I have always admired them, Is she still making them to sell?
I need an Annie!
LOve the antique quilt and high chair you need that high chair, can't you see it painted red!


The new pumpkin doll looks right at home. Don't you wish you could take all the antique quilts and give them a warm home.

Ter'e Crow Lindsay

You little spoiled girl! LOL.
I loved all those quilt tops! I can't believe you didn't buy one. I love the one with the green diamonds on it. Gorgeous color.
Have a great week.
Love you!!!


Nice goodies! And great antiques too. You better run back and get that little high chair, 'cause you know....some day...it could happen LOL!!!


lovin' the goodies! Good, no GREAT friends are few and far between. Need to hold on to 'em. Mine is in TX. I miss her terribly but we talk via email almost every day. I hope we can manage a visit together next year.

Jean C.

Glad I stopped by... so many cute things to see. I can always tell when your super busy... you don't post as much! Of course, I've been a bit busy too... and so don't post attt alll! LoL... well kid, have a great Holiday Season, it's time to bring out all the Red Stuff!

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