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April 24, 2012


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LOVING IT - your on fire getting that one done today - now that first one is bright - but it's sweet and I like it :).


Welcome to the dark side. LOL! I thought for sue we were gonna see a primary red version. Love your block!

Christine Rohloff

I started this one before Christmas....love the pattern! I love your bright reds and greens...so fun!


ok I had to laugh as soon as I saw the first one
very fun I think you need to make them both! love the PG fabrics , more my style!
its going to be fun watching these quilts grow!


So glad you're back! I've missed you. Love your first block best. Just my colors.


They both look great Sharon! At the beginning of the post I was thinking how fun it would be to see the whole quilt worked up in the brighter version -- are you sure you don't want to make two of them LOL???

Sandy F

Hi Sharon
Glad you are joining us making this quilt. Love you block. That is the second one! LOL


I'm digging the bright one but the prim one is pretty too. Enjoy your "challenge"!

terry hein

i am a bright person and love the first block and would give it a good home.. love karen and annes blogs too....
okay have fun...
and keep posting.. we love to have the chatter from ya... and boo has a girlfriend soo happy
see ya later gator

Karen Beigh

The darker block would be my choice but your first block sure has a fun look. I purchased the pattern from you a while back. I am going to see if I can work on the quilt too.


Awwww thank you!!  I have to say I love the darker block much better.  haaaa Even though I didnt want to start over. Im glad I did.  



nice work....why don't you do both colourways....just sayin'! :)


Both blocks have their own charm, I prefer the darker version but I think the brights are fun. You girls are going to have a fun challenge and I'll have fun watching your progress.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the prim block!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what fun!!!!


I love them both Sharon..and would love to have the little bright colored one to frame since I am not a quilter but love quilts, I wouldn't be able to finish it. It would look great framed and I would be so happy to have it!


Stumbled onto your blog the other day, and now you've got me stalking my local Home Goods and TJ Maxx for those dishes! Love red accessories. By the way, your blog is fun -- good find, even if I don't ever find those dishes. Have a good day.


Love Comfort & Joy 2nd version and Seasonal Primitive Gatherings will be a great fabric line. I can hardly wait to start mine. Also, love Cooking 101 Tips - I'll probably grill ours a little longer - don't want mooooing!

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