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April 28, 2012


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Lamium? I think that is the sweet little plant with the pink flowers. The common name has something to do with spotted nettle. I have grown it before and really liked it. You can plant it in containers and it eventually will cascade down over the edges. I think we need some mulch around here. It sure neatens things up, doesn't it?


I hate mulching but the gardens look so much better with fresh mulch. Hard hard work but worth the effort. Looks great!

Anne Heidi

Love your block! Wish we could start doing some work in the garden- but it's still covered with snow :-(


Now that's a lot of mulch to spread around. I still need to do that. Love the block challenge, I look forward to watching you, Karen and Anne's progress. I gotta check out that journal thingy.


I feel your pain Ms. Red -- our yard takes 15 yards. We only do it every other year and last year the lazy Mr. talked me into paying some outrageous price to someone so he didn't have to help. What.Ever.

And now I know why you've been pinning smash book stuff. Have fun!


It all looks great. I love the gate. I wish I had an old gate like that. Makes me want to find one.

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