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April 23, 2012


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Holy COW my mouth is watering over here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh my that looks delicious....I'll be right over for dinner.


Wow! Everything looks great! I love your really hard cherry pie recipe!

Mary Flynn

When's dinner?!!!


Wow -- thanks for the great cooking lesson! Your hostas look great too -- I'm very jealous -- our rabbits eat mine to little nubs. I'm thinking grilled rabbit....


your hostas are fab! good job miss red geranium green thumbs! And as for that bbq steak I can smell that in California! xo


I really love hosta. It is harder to grow in our dry climate but I love to put it in shady wetter places. Yours is so beautiful!


Looks YUMMY! I've never seen tri tip around these parts. I will have to ask for it next time I go to the butcher. :)

Ter'e Crow Lindsay

I really love the Tri-tip. I have eaten Dennie-Boy's tri-tip and it is heaven. ALTHO.......at our house, we do it a little more rare. I think David does it 8 minutes on each side. 8-9. This is one of the most delicious things y'all ever taught me to cook. We love it. Just the other day I was talking to a butcher at The Fresh Market, about tri-tip. I learned - you always have to make friends with your butcher!!!!!!
Gosh this sounds good for tonight. BUT we are having fresh cobia cheeks!!!!!!! Cobia is running in Florida.

BTW, we woke up this a.m. and it was 53 degrees. My toes and hands were like ice. They are like ice, as I type! We sure are having a chilly spell here. I need to go make some hot tea. xoxoxoxoxo

Jean C.

Yeah... if the weather keeps up like this; the entire country is gonna be sick!!!
You funny girl... not only does your meat mooo
it walks to the table for you lays down and asks you how much you want! LoL...
It does look good... guess I will have to try it! I will have to check out our Sam's and see ifin they have any of them thar Tri-tips so-en's we all can make it too! Not sure how all that there salt is for the ole blood pressure.. but I suppose we can survive! The pie looks good too. What's not to like... meat and pie! That's a man's meal hmmm?

Susan bailey

Back here in California they understand tri tip, so I'm going to try your recipe next time. Thanks for the step by step photos!


I love your Hosta pictures - they are great. Hmmm, the pie's not so bad either. :)


love the cherry pie...well what I could see of it under all that white stuff! LOL when you said you drop the meat on the grill did you mean from the same height that you took that photo! thanks for the cooking lesson!


I love tritip.It's a summer thing for us, Sunday nights we have tritip sandwiches, Bret grills them up. I will have to try this method. Thanks! SEE YOU SOON. xo

Lyda Fleehart Loehring

What is tritip? Beef or Pork? What is it the tip of? Is it tongue? Let me know so I can try this......Thanks,

So sorry to hear of your dog passing.....it has to be the hardest.....

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