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February 14, 2012


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Wow, you are so spoiled - in the nicest way. Love your gifts.


Oh the gate for your garden is my favorite! I hope you will post photos of what you do with it once it warms up. Happy Valentine's Day!


What a fun Valentine's day you had!!! Enjoy! :)


Happy Valentine's Day, you really are a lucky girl.LOVE your new(old)quilt!!


Oohhh, nice gifts. I especially love the quilt! Are you sure you won't share Hunka? I think every girl needs a Hunka!

Anne Brill

Lucky you! And I seriously envy you that quilt(I already have a garden gate, haha!)


I have been wanting a gate just like that! My aunt had one when I was a child with a bell on it. Men just don't get it! LOL
I love all your pretties for V Day!

Ter'e Crow Lindsay

You special little princess!!!!!!
Some things never change!
Thank the Lord!

Toni Anne

What a lucky girl!!! I'd keep him also. It sure looks like you had a fantastic Valentine's Day. ;->

Sue in MI

Looks like you had a fun day! I especially love the quilt!


A great Valentine for you. Happy Valentines Day.


WOW!! You totally hit the mother lode! That Hunka is definitely a keeper. I think it's so cool that he listens to what you want, remembers it and then surprises you with it. WAY thoughtful!

You deserve it all....now hand over that chocolate! LOL HUGS


Happy Luuuuuv Day Ms. Red! I got some berries too - yum yum! Looks like you got the royal treatment!

Sharon W

That Hunka is some guy. A friend got some of those same strawberries. They are to die for!


Dang girl you need to hang onto that Hunka - he's the best. I want that gate, lol. I've been looking for awhile and can't find the one I want - you got it LOL. You've been treated very well for Love Day - count your blessings - which I know you do :). Sending you hugs from up north.

Hugs - karen

Deb (NZ)

Sharon, your man is such a sweetheart. He so obviously loves you to bits and enjoys letting you know. It is such a refreshing thing to see true love these days. And what a lovely gesture from Boo. It all puts your faith back in human nature doesn't it. You so deserve all of this wonderfulness.

Angela Prince-Bex

Love the gate. I am all about my gardens. Look forward to seeing what you do with it. I am wanting an old bicycle.


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I would have to say that Hunka is definitely a keeper!


Who's a lucky girl then??? What a guy that Hunka is! Love all your gifts....especially the gate!!! Have a fab rest of the week. very quiet Valentines day here....Rose didn't get me anything!!!


I think the best gift is getting you puppy groomed. They always smell so good when they get home.



Wow, you did have a great Valentine's Day! Thanks for sharing the love!


Love all your gifts. The gate is my fave. I could think of several uses for it. It will lok lovely in your garden

Sharlene Melhaff

I follow you on Pinterest, and can't wait to see what you have added. I am a true lover of red. also enjoy your blog. keep up the good work....


YOu lucky gal to have such a great husband. Please enter me in the give away.

Leisa Den Beste

You most def are the luckiest girl I know this Valentine's Day!!! So jealous!! ; ). Love the sewing kit, please enter me in the drawing. Three of my favorites, hearts, red and turquoise !!

Kay Mc

It is so nice when you have a "keeper" of a husband. Mine is one of those, too. I have a small pitcher collection & he likes to find pitches for me & put them on one of my shelves without telling me to see how long it takes before I notice it.

Nicole Campbell

i want that gate!!!! omg LOVE IT!!!!

Betsy Albertson

You have got one special guy there to surprise you with all the goodies you admired. I cannot decide which is my favorite the stool or the gate, love them both! Love the dog, she looks so nice and soft after her grooming. thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

Joy :o)

Awww he's such a thoughtful sweety!!! So glad you had such a lovely Valentines day ;o).
Joy ;o)

Dianne Mitzel

You have a wonderful , sweet husband..what a joy to share you life with someone so very thoughtful. I am blessed with one very much like him..I adore the little sewing kit!! Hope it comes to live with me!

Yvonne. Ester

Love the red stool !!!!!! You are one lucky girl. Thank You for sharing your day.......


Love that red bench too! I was at a shop the other day and they had a red metal stool. The one with the rounded back and chrome and the two steps pull out. I looked all over the stool and when I found the tag I was so disappointed. It read Not For Sale (NFS).
So glad you got yours and about everything else. I wouldn't share someone like Hubba either!


He's a keeper!!!


Oh my I want the red stool and the garden gate too. You scored well this year. I got some beautiful red roses, we are both lucky.


Wow...you are on lucky lady.


hes a keeper for sure.....but I have a feeling you treat him pretty good too!!!!

quiltmom anna

Hi Sharon,
One of my husband and my first dates had chocolate covered strawberries on the menu. I haven't made them for a long time but they are so yummy.
I love your pretty quilt and red stool. You were a lucky lady. My husband brought home some gorgeous pink lilies, some new music and a bit of tasty chocolate and tea.
We had a lovely dinner out together at our favorite Cajun restaurant. Our son sent us a beautiful card and with a story book called Love you Forever. It was a book we read to him as a child and it always makes me cry. My little kindergarten kids brought valentines and were quite excited to share them. All in all a red letter day...
Love the little sewing box- your winner will be thrilled to receive it.

Kathy h

What a great valentine's day. Your pup looks so soft.

Kimberly Dow

Isn't it nice to be loved! Your puppy dog is adorable!
I wanted to tell you! I got my first lighted house! I've been wanting one ever since I saw one on your blog a few years ago! It's so cute!
Enjoy the berries!

Jean C.

My sweetie has been so stressed with work lately, that I thought there is no way he will remember that it's Valentines Day... he surprised me with a beautiful card... makes my heart beat fast! What great guys we have!
Hope you didn't scarf down those berries too fast! How nice... were they from the Wilster?

Jean C.

Oh... one other thing... from your post title, I thought maybe one of the "Boys" was in Love!
LoL... sorry... just an old romantic I suspect!


Lucky You! Good to see such a sweet and caring heart in a husband! Congratulations on picking a good one! Those strawberries look sooo good! Love all your gifts-thanks for sharing them.

Ter'e Crow Lindsay

Tell Dennie Boy I said "nice sox".
When you come to Destin....haha......we are going to hide those sox!
It's a good thing we all love your Dennie-Boy!


I am coveting those quilts....I have my own "hunka"!! Lovin' the giveaway item!!


I'm thinking I should show my husband this blog to give him some good ideas. I would have been happy with any one of your gifts.I can't complain though as I do get spoiled often, just doesn't seem to be on Valentines Day.

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