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January 09, 2012


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I can't believe he found a red rotary phone, I remember using those phones but ours was black. I love valentines but don't have much to bring out. I'm working on the red heart quilt you've misplaced. Thanks for all the inspiration.


Can never have too much red! Weather here is all over the place..this time lasT week it was 40C ....today it.'s about 20C!! Gotta say I much prefer the 20 C!


Our weather is absolutely crazy here! I wish we had snow but I think only about 3 inches so far. Ugh... I love your red stuff! The little red heart quilt is adorable! That is the coolest phone! I have one from Tennessee! Mine is tan. I know...boring but it works! I bet yours would work too! My ringer is loud enough to wake the dead. I kid you not!
Have a happy day!

Jen (PunkiePie)

We've been having the same "heat wave" you've had. No snow since our freak October snow storm and none in the forecast for a while. I'm happy about that. All the red looks great and that phone! I bet if you plugged it in, it would work. :)


OH, I love the rotary phone. Let me know if it works. If it still does I am going to find one for me. Not for decorating but to use!


It's looking all romantic there Ms. Red. Love that football quilt - the pattern you chose is perfect! And that phone! You must've been beside yourself when you opened that package!


Hello fellow red lover friend! LOVE LOVE all of your red, and I'm drooling over your red phone. Boo is AWESOME for finding you that. :0)

Our weather here in Texas is all over the place, too. Yesterday it was high 70's, humid and just plain yuk. Today the high is in the 50's. No wonder we stay sick around here. We go from heat to AC in the same day.

I need to get my little bit of Valentine's out, too. I love this holiday because I love the colors. Go figure!

I have that precious pillow kit on order. Can't wait to get started on it. I love it!!

Have a great week! :0)

Ali Martinez

Hello, I love the red phone. I've been looking for one around here in Modesto, Ca. Is there another one for sale?


Love, love, love all the red! You should just try to use the phone. What is the worst thing that could happen?
The weather here has been super weird too. Two feet of snow before Halloween, since then a couple dustings of snow. My kids want to go sledding!

Ter'e Crow Lindsay

I vote that you dye your hair RED! LOL! Maybe a lovely shade of MAGENTA!

What I really love is that quilt with the red embroidery on it. Can we see more of it PLEASE! What a beauty. It just makes my heart beat fast!!!!!!!


Hi Sharon! Well, you know I'm just a hop, skip & jump from you but I think they are calling for a little more snow up our way. We have had some crazy warm weather here! I LOVE Hunka's quilt, that retro fabric is awesome. Love your Valentine decor so far as I can see & that red phone...OMG! Where in the world did Boo come up with that?! Love it! Always love your decor...looks great. Never too much red! :)

Sharlene Melhaff

Where are you??? I miss your awesome blog, and seeing all your " RED"....Write soon! Take care!
Elk Grove, CA

Carrie P.

such a fun post. Lots of fun red things. Love the bowl of hearts.
what a great quilt for your hubby even though it is not in team colors I am sure he will enjoy it very much.

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