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January 06, 2012


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Your friends are the best! Love the quilts! It looks like Loralie in the one with the ladies. I have some of her embroidery designs... to cute!
I saw on FB where your machine is out of commission. It's sad isn't it?? You make me laugh so much on FB! I don't comment much but the phone incident was too funny! Glad it still works!


Your M-i-L was gorgeous! It's nice that you had such a good relationship with her.

No sewing going on over here. I guess I'll make time for it when I'm back at work and super busy haha.

Happy New Year (a bit late)!


Nice prezzies! Love the quilt rack! Oh, it's hard when your favorite machine is down. My little Bernina aka "dollface" has been acting up for a few months. I got a new Juki and it is working really well. My little Pfaff that I got last spring from my sister in law is really a great little machine. I never really knew about them. Super easy to use and a perfect 1/4 inch. Hope yours gets home soon from it's Machine Spa Vacation.


Hi Sharon!
I came across your blog tonight and I'm drooling! It will take me forever, but I will be reading each and every post until I reach the very first one. :0) You're a woman after my own heart. LOVE ME SOME RED. LOVE ME SOME RED POLKA DOTS. LOL

Anywho, I just wanted to send you a message and tell you that you need to be my friend. :0) Seriously, I love all of your lovely quilts and everything else you've made. I will be back a LOT.

Happy New Year!

Carolyn (LaLaMcKinnon on Twitter)


What a beautiful lady your MIL was - I'm sure she is missed greatly. Great little presents you received from your BFF's. I do love those little mini's - you just can't beat a mini :).


That's a fun quilt Nancy made for you, the girls that have lots of fun. Any mini is a good mini, yours are adorable.


I love that quilt Nancy made you, I had no idea she made pillow cases too! That mini Beth made is so special. I love the way she personalized the front of it.

What a great quilt rack! Good thing you found a spot for it. Those antique quilts look perfect on it.


Lots of good stuff going on. The Christmas quilt and pillowcases are very cute.

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