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December 07, 2011


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Hunka was so lucky!
I look forward to seeing your home next.

Mary Flynn

So you weren't able to score on any of those santas for yourself? Wonderful shop! I'll be back to see your lovely home.

Leisa DenBeste

Just love that shop!!! Good thing I don't live near there!!

I am waiting... Love you decorating! Hurry!!! :o)

Leisa DenBeste

oops! Meant YOUR


I love the glitter villages. Did you get any of those? Can't wait to see your next pictures.


Too bad you missed out. I'm sure you'll have some awesome decorating to show us. I love the shops to give me that inspiration to get started on decorating. I look forward to seeing yours.

Jean C.

I'm sure that Hunka was just thinking... that if you guys made more purchases... of Christmas stuff... you would have to find places to put it all away... you know, during that off/non Christmas Season. Or is there such a thing at your house?
Merry Christmas Girl... and may your Christmas Season be Red?

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