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December 23, 2011


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LOVE IT - you and hunka bonding over cooking baking - and it looks like a new tradition has been born. Your decorating rocks sister - have a wonderful holiday season :)

Hugs - Karen


this has certainly been an interesting year for many of us in the "friend" department. but the good news is that we have learned through this experience who our true friends are. i am sooo glad that you didn't let them stop you from blogging as you are a inspiration to me. have a very Merry Christmas and heres to a wonderful new year.


What a great post! The house looks great and you both look ever so happy! May the blessings of the season be yours!
Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas to you and Dennis!
Well, Hunka's cookies look exactly like mine do when I try to bake. I'll bet they taste wonderful! LOL!!


Merry Christmas you guys. xop

Leisa DenBeste

LOVE ALL THE PICTURES!!! I came in to your blog at the tail end of the so called friends. You sound to be as sensitive as I. So I would love to tell you not to worry and they are the ones with the problems, but I would have been like you. But, you do seems to have really wonderful Friends that you can focus your love on and new ones (ME), that so enjoy your blog and cyber friendship! If you ever get to Yosemite let me know!! Not all of California is the same.
Merry Christmas!!!


What a great post Sharon. I am so lucky to have you as my best friend. Not many people know how much you did for me when I was sick. It was a rough time. It must have been the happy dance that pulled me through. MERRY CHRISTMAS Sharon and Dennis. I love you both xoxo


I love, love, love all the pictures! I want to go on a Daniel Boone Tour now too!!!


What a fun post Sharon! Looks like you had a great time getting ready for Christmas. I love the photos of you and Hunka baking -- too cute. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Jean C.

Looks like you two had tons of fun! And tell Hunka... we like our cookies big... that way when people asked.... we can say "you know, I was soooo good! I only ate one cookie!" LoL..
Just soo you know... my sweetie got me a Big Red for Christmas! I was sooo surprised! I think it's called Empire Red! It's pretty shiny too! Gotta go... maybe I'll make some bread!
Happy New Year!
And don't drink and drive.... we want you safe!

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