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November 04, 2011


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I just have one question for ya. How come you didn't bring any beverages by for me??? Hmmmmm????

It was so fun to see you again. Looks like you had a great time!!!


You were there??? I wish I'd known and I would have made sure to meet up with you!

Mary Anne Drury

Looks like you gals had a GREAT time !!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures - I'm pooped just looking at them and reading about it!:)

Ter'e Crow Lindsay

Looks like you had such a ball!!!! But then, when do YOU go someplace and not have fun? I mean, seriously..............
Remember when we almost got kicked out of that restaurant? Yeh, we have had some fun times.
Loved the pic of Polly. We rug hookers have to stick together. LOL. She's one of my all time favorite people that I have respected for many years. I'm proud to call her "friend" too.
Hurry now...............get to sewing up all those goodies you bought.


I'm tired just reading about all the fun you had, no wonder you were exhausted when you got home. Look at all those smiling faces, looks like a blast was had by all.


I want that PKM fabric and cannot wait. I'll shop when I see it on the store site!! Yay!! So excited...xo Pam


Yipee! I am so thrilled that you had fun and lived to tell about it! Welcome home!


It's so fun to read your market posts...make me wish I'd gone, though. Kansas City, here I come!


super love you xo

Jen (misspunkiepie)

What fun!!


That was soooo much fun! I'm ready to go again. Oh wait. I still don't have this market's stuff put away. Love you BFF xoxo


Now that looks like a good time! I hope you have recuperated.


you are too sweet <3

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