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October 13, 2011


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Lots of stuff going on with you Sharon. Happy Birthday Boo! I wish you were still friends with your friend who you made pretzels with, maybe she misses you too. I like your new Annie dolls, so cute. Happy Fall Sharon! Have a great weekend.

Ann Frank

I am so glad to learn that I can be younger than my children! Thanks for the heads up on that one. My oldest is almost 17 so I'm saving your story for a few years down the road. Ok, I just have to add - Go Tigers! Have a great weekend. ~Ann


Your trip to Mexico looked like alot of fun! The cat pumpkin is so cute! The quilts are beautiful! I love the pumpkin one for Nancy! Your view is amazing! Go Cards! I really hope they win it all!


Whoa -- you sure pack a lot into a post Ms. Red. Isn't it funny that our children can be older than we are??? You wouldn't think it could be, but I think we're living proof that it is!

Slow down on the C-C-C ... I just can't say it. We must get through market first!!! Love those old quilts!


Thanks for the morning laugh! You know, those pumpkins don't scare me one bit. I love them and would have bought a few. My cute little Annie that Nancy gave me doesn't scare me either. :) I may even pop over to Nicole's and get me a Christmas one.

That Hotel looks nice! Ranette and I are going to have an adventure one day and maybe we will stay there and stalk you. LOL!


Hey Sharon, I enjoyed your post, lots of good pix. Those Annies are just so cute. xo

Leisa DenBeste

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I am doing the Happy Dance this morning, PKM!! I can't wait!! By the way it might be a bit early, but I love the Christmas Tree! lol
:o) Leisa

Mary ann

Oh! I know where Mexico, Mo. Is! We see the signs every time we are coming/going to the KC airport.....which will be soon since of course we head there from SoCa for Thanksgiving. Wonder if we'll have snow this year? I was thinking of an old friend this AM driving to work, we didn't unfriend one another, just drifted apart with life's changes. I'm going to call her for lunch...thanks for the nudge.


I think I need to stalk you with Yvette and Ranette too. I love my new Thimbleberries quilt. Put that C tree away lol If you blog it now you won't have anything to blog. Oh wait I'm talking about the queen of picture taking. We have market coming up so there will be lots there.


I love the pink water in the fountain!
Our kids grow up to quickly!
Love the quilts you purchased and the one you made for Nancy. You are always so busy!


Hi Sharon. I loved this post. Lots of goodness. My son was born in Aug '82 and you know me being a hop, skip & jump across the river, I'm cheering on those Cards...even as I type! :) Love those quilts you bought and your Annies, oh & your little Christmas tree. Ok, love it all. Hope you have a great week-end!


You can really pack a lot in one post. I agree it's too early for the tree, I always wait for Halloween to be over but your tree is really so cute. The antique quilts look in great condition, lucky you gave them a home.
Enjoy your weekend,


Boo can only be named Ozzie if he can do flips out on the field! It isn't too early for lighted trees. I tried to get C to put the lights on the house - so he doesn't have to do it when it is cold- he didn't buy it. LOL! Have fun in Houston!!!

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