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September 12, 2011


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Wow Sharon! I love this place! I have relation that live in Angola which is nearby! We can shop and visit! It's been a while since I have been there, though! For some reason my relation come here instead.
On our way up we have to go through Berne, IN and it is just full of Amish and shops! It is a very traditional Swiss town! Thanks for sharing! It was like I was right there with you!

Ann Frank

I love the same shops in Shipshee. Did you stop at E & S Sales? South going out of town on the East side - this is a great bulk food store. Once a year I make a trip there for bulk spices and unique items my grocery store doesn't have. They have great sprinkles for cut out cookies! ~Ann


Why was I drinking my coffee when reading this? I cracked up when I saw your Hunka's nose picture. Next time I will read the captions without my beverage. LOL


Holy Cow Woman -- you saw way more of Shipshewana that I do and I go all the time. I guess it's 'cause I'm on auto pilot and only go to the same places that I like LOL. You are correct -- Lolly's Quilt Shop is in that Davis Mercantile building!

Jean C.

Well now you have a place to eat when you go back.... and I'll bet that you don't miss the opportunity to eat in the "Buggy".... next time!
Is Hunka a city boy??? Just wonderin!
I'm a country girl in a city girl's body... but even I know what the horses head is for! LoL... poor Hunka... he does get teased!
So nice of you to come back and show us some more of your pic's... it's like a mini vacation whenever you share like this! Thanks Heaps!


We have an Amish eatery in our area with the buggy to dine in. It was a must when the kids were little but honestly, I enjoyed it as much as they did.


Thanks for the show and tell! We have a township of Amish about 20 miles or so from here with those buggies :o) They even shop at Fleet Farm!


Wow! All that fabric! I would still be there!


I'm so jealous! What fun you had.


Looks like a great trip and shopping! And I love all the neat things made out of everyday items. Really enjoyed all the pics! ;-)



I love that the horse turned around to have its picture taken. That giant basket needs some quilts in it.


Wow now that's a neat place to visit and stay all day. Love the funky garden junk, those sunflowers would look great in my garden, it would add some colour in the winter. Look at the fabrics, that would take a whole day to see every bolt.
Have a good day.


Wow, Sharon! Thanks to your post, I want to visit Shipshewana. I love that giant basket!!!!


So glad you enjoyed Shipshe. I go once a month and you saw things I never notice. LOL! Lolly's is my all time favorite. They treated a group of us to a nice luncheon on 9/7. Chris is such a sweet gal & Mike her DH is learning the business too. We even got to meet Lolly. What fun.

I love coming to your Neck of the Woods. I have a DS in Springfield.
He showed me where all the LQS were. Even took me to Branson. What a guy.

Linda in IN

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