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July 31, 2011


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Yvette Gonzales

I just love your house, it is so happy and inviting. No wonder Nancy loves to be there with you.

You are suffocating Annie. Release her!!!!

Gena Rodsan

Sounds like you two had a blast ! NOthing like a best friend. I love her room, it's as adorable as the rest of your amazing home !

can't wait to see the rest of the pictures !



Okay, the doors=adorable, the bedroom=adorable, Nancy=adorable. Now will you please, pretty please, send me a pizza???? Dang, that sounds good. I saw cracker crust and my stomach started growling. Have a great week and start counting the days til Houston.

John Phistner

I am happy you and Nancy had such a great time! What great doors you have! I love the way you used them!
Nancy's room is wonderful! So bright and girly! Just as it should be!
Thanks for sharing!

Karen Perry

Cute way to use old doors and give Ms. Nancy some privacy - I'm sure she appreciated it, lol. Sounds like you got LOTS done. Sewing until 3 in the A.M. - don't think I can do it anymore :).


Account Deleted

I miss you too BFF. It was a perfect week sewing and sewing and eating IMOS and sewing and bothering Dennis. And I love Madeline. She better not be getting into the snacks.


Okay now that door idea is to over the top with such cuteness...I love it and the curtain too. The girly room is soooo adorable. I look forward to see what you both sewed during Nancy's visit.

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