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February 15, 2011


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Looks like you celebrated Valentines in style and have lots of goodies to show for it. Are you sure you counted right, I know I was close....LOL


Wow...that was like Christmas!!! Love the bags!! So cute!!


What a great post! You had me grinning from ear to ear. I guess I will have to name my new wrinkles they caused after you. LOL!


Wow Sharon! Looks like you and THE LOVE MACHINE (hahahaha) had a wonderful Valentine's Day -- WooHoo!!!


OMG I love the rose print in that second one down! do you happen to know what fabric that is? I really love it. I will probably have to buy that pattern - I have been looking for a smaller bag :D


Good man! He sure treats you well! Everything you showed us was great! I got a charm too from my husband but for my Pandora bracelet. I love it!

 Jean C.

Goodness what a haul you made! LoL
Our anniversary was the week b/4 Valentines so we have 2 weeks of fun during the "Red" Season.
Glad to hear you were treated nice!
My DD b-day is the day after Valentine's (the dr. did ask me if I wanted a V-day baby... and I said yes!!! But she didn't quite make it.... 12:30 a.m.)she called up on her b-day and told me Happy Birthing day! One year she sent me 25 red roses for each year of her life! She told me that she would have done that this year Big #30... but she was on a budget!


Happy Belated V-Day to you too Sharon! I can't believe I won the giveaway! I have never won anything before! I want a big plate of all of that food that you have pictures of here, oh my gosh tasty!


Woohoo Beth. You didn't tell me that Hunka has changed his name to the love machine?

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