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May 01, 2010


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woww, that food looked amazing. I need to get some exercise now after just looking at the pictures of it.


great pictures of Tara's booth! She is a wonderful online shop and I love supporting her.
She is a stay at home mom and I admire that. She goes out of her way to help her customers, I really appreciate that.


WOWSER! That is some baked potato and that bread...yummers! Tara's booth is just wonderful!


Oh,yeah, We have been to Patti's years ago when we were camping at Kentucky Lake.. We had the mile high pie too and shared it. The chops were much more than I could eat. The shop must be new? Looks like you made the most of your trip.
Those quilts were great and must give her a view..


OMG! I have gotta eat at Miss Patti's! I just want to lick that strawberry butter :0)

Did you drive the pink tractor home??????


That baked potato looks like a meal all by it's self. I love going to restaurants with character. The quilts are soooo inspiring.


Ah Memories:
You and your love of restaurants!! I well remember going to Maggie Moo's??? Or Maggie Something in St. Charles. I also remember the first night we met and you and I almost got thrown out of the restaurant for giggling so loudly. Love the blog and love seeing all your quilt escapades! I'm gonna have to stick to "hookin"........all that thin cotton makes me nervous. Give me a big ole fat piece of wool.
Love ya!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Next year for sure I'm going to Paducah. I haven't been in more than 10 years. I'll bet the quilt show has tripled by now.
Those bathrooms are too cute and your lunch looks so good, I'm going to have to get up now and make some breakfast. You've made me hungry.


I'm so intrigued with the fried pickles...were they good? I've never heard of such a thing!


that food looks to die for - especially the popover.
I loved the pink tractor! I want one!


Love your post on Patti's! We are planning on eating there in just a few short weeks when we head east to TN/KY! Just wish you would have stuffed yourself with dessert too so I could have gotten a review of what to choose! :)


WOW! The food! That pile of butter would make me gag. I like butter too but that's just too much! They must love butter there. Thanks for sharing everything with us. One of these days I will go there!


You do and go to the funnest places. Love it all. If my husband could look at old tractors and I could quilt shop, that would be heaven.


Isn't Patti's the BEST! I love their pork chops! But I can't believe you didn't have dessert! Their desserts are even better!

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