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May 08, 2009


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Oh my I LOVE that table. My hubby is not that handy so could you send Hunka to my house for a while when we get moved to wherever we land? I have serious duties for him to perform! Carpenter stuff you know!

LOVE the cookies!


Mmmm those cookies sure look good!!! Can't believe you are down to 10 days!


10 days is all??? Wow, that was fast wasn't it?
Love the cookies, table and quilt..all of it!
I am sure your friend will so appreciate your thoughtfulness.


Hi Red!

Don't you just love all of the moving drama! Some of it could have been avoided if Hunka would have told you about the fire alarms! Guess that the fire department thanks you for not calling, because you wouldn't want to be featured on the news. BUT, a big RED truck in the front yard would be cool.

Glad that you took my advise about feeding the workers!



My, oh, my....so much going on .....I think I would be sitting in a corner with my woobie!!!! The cookie dough looked so good!!!! What a gal!!

Karen aka Grammy Mac

10 days and counting...they will be gone before you know it and you'll be on to all kinds of new adventures. I got to do all of that packing stuff when I moved in Feb. I still have a lot of unpacked boxes. I'm having a good time taking this trip with you;)


I can't believe you baked cookies 10 days before M-day!! I was a basket case!! Oh, and I did call the big red truck when we started the furnace for the first time! Yea, we all had a good laugh about that one!!


when I am stressed I bake too!
and yes whenever the contractors are here they love having coffee and home baked muffins/bread in the am and cookies in the afternoon!
they always appreciate it too.

oh my gosh I just LOVE That table.
so nice of you to send that quilt to your friend, she will love the quilt and YOUR THOUGHTFULNESS of giving it to her.
always giving Sharon

Mary Flynn

Wow...so much going on that I'm sure what to comment on. Cookies look yummo....should have called the firetruck as I would have liked some firemen eye candy. The cutting table is awesome! Oh and the little bird feeder...hopefully no momma bird will be relocating too. :-)


I'm relatively new to your blog and hadn't seen that table. I love it. My office is done in Americana and it would fit right in! You did a great job on it. I'm anxious to see how the move goes. Cindy


Aye Carumba....so much going on!!!
I LOVE your flag table, did you paint that yourself? I shoulda had you put that in the box with my fabrics when you sent them LOL
The next 10 days are gonna go sooo fast wait and see :)

Mary Anne Drury

UGH! You've been a busy girl .... I don't envy you on that packing up and moving ordeal ..... we just did it about 5 years ago and I still haven't recovered (or completely unpacked every box .... just threw stuff in the attic)....

Anyhow, the smoke alarm incident sounds SO familiar since I'm often the last one at my house to be informed of such minor details by the male population (if I'm informed at all!!) .... but some well proportioned firemen are always a welcome sight!!!!


Those cookies look DELISH! Yum! LOVE the table. Makes me wanna paint mine ;)


mmmmm...cookies. Glad to see you shared them. Cookies are not good for the diet, ya know. haha.
I wish you all the best in your packing and moving. I've moved more times than I can count without taking off my socks. I am glad I'm not in your shoes right now. Hope it all goes well and you are soon posting pictures of you and Hunka happily settled in your new home! ☺


The cookies look delicious Sharon- I bet they are enjoyed by all.
The quilt is gorgeous- what a nice thing to do for your friend- I am sure she is going to love it. It is such a thoughtful thing to do.

Just think of all the adventures you are having as you move house-furnaces, possible fires and termites - Hang in there you are almost there...
Hunka's table is really lovely..
Happy packing,


Yummm! I've got probably the same recipe for the cookies... 'cept our's are called Cranberry HootyCreek Cookies! Why they are called that I have no idea...(cept for the cranberry part).
Just think how much time/effort your saving the people that are moving in... so sweet of you!
The table is great... tell Hunka... he did a great job! My Honey can make stuff like that too! He just chooses not (very often that is!) No really he is pretty good at stuff... Hmmm, maybe I better make some cookies too! And if he asks why I'm making them? I will just tell cause I can! Ha... they are his new favorites from Christmas time when someone gave us a mix for them. You make the mix and put it into a jar... Good all the way around!
Soooo did you go dif after the fire alarms went off? I would have! Ha, the guy was probably wearing ear plugs!


The cookies look absolutely YUMMY! and the quilt for your friend is very pretty...Love love love the table hubby made you!!!! But just out of curiousity ... do you always have your camera with you? I had to chuckle when you took a pic of the truck in front of you!


Sharon you're just incredible! Baking cookies in the middle of packing to move goes to the top of my ladder of "what a gal"!! I'm glad you're keeping your head above water during all this! Had to laugh about the alarms - we set ours off for real once while cleaning the oven - they're hard wired - just envision a middle aged couple standing on footstools waving dish towels at the ceiling to make the buzzing stop!!!


You sure have a lot of commotion going on before the move. I would have been freaking out too with all the alarms going off. In our old house we had a horn and flashing light outside, the first day owning the house we set it off and couldn't get the darn thing to turn off. We had to call the previous owners to help us stop the alarm. Surprisingly none of the neighbours came to see what the noise was about. I'm glad we don't live there anymore.
Great way to get the guys to work harder....bake cookies.


Sharon, I love your table. You made that? Wow. The paint job is absolutely beautiful. And I loved your flag in the pics showing the furnace lifter upper. How did you hang it? Good luck with getting everything ready to go.


Those cookies look mighty tasty. Why don't you just put a few in the mail for me?? NO! Don't do it! I'm trying to be good! And that flag cutting table... awesome!


Oh my gosh, that cookie batter looks sooooo good. I would have had to eat a spoonfull : ) The quilt for your friend is beatuiful. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!


Things are coming along nicely.. you are much nicer then me... but then sounds like you have had much better luck with contractors then I ever did. You give them cookies ... I just wanted to give mine the boot. LOL

Love the table... the cookies look yummy and the quilt is gorgeous!


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