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May 03, 2009


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I've been following your journey for awhile now. I love the fact that you found fun new fabrics that match your new kitchen. Also, I like those blocks you found that you had forgotten about. I can't even imagine all the quilts that you have tucked away after seeing these you found. Good luck on the move and I hope your visit with your friends is a very happy and special one.


Love the colors of the new kitchen! I can't wait to see photos once you've moved in. Good packing luck!


OMG, what kind of trash bill are you gonna have, girl!!! I am sure it is all Hunka's old meds, right??
ADORE ric rac!! and love you quilts, those are always a very nice surprise when you run across them, aren't they?


I love the teacups and the flower blocks.. It's great finding all this stuff.. but, then you wonder when will you get the time to do it all.. one day it will happen!!
You will have so much fun when you get all set up again...


Wow, I can't believe how much work you guys are doing! I bet you'll be glad when the move is done and you're somewhat settled. Love your works in progress!

Karen aka Grammy Mac

So Sharon, I only have one question...Have you warned your new neighbors that you're coming and just how much fun they're going to be having??? Do ya feel like you're heading out on a new adventure??? Not quite sure of what's ahead??? OK, so that was more than one question;)


A lot of work in a move ..right..:o) And wow all those strange finds you find... but it feels good to throw away some too!!! :o)
Its sure is getting closer for you two now...so much excitement...I wish you all the luck..take care..


Just think ... when it gets to the other end you get to UNPACK it all LOL!! I don't think we'll ever be moving!!
Joy :o)

Anne Heidi

Sounds exhausting.... I hope I am NEVER moving from this house LOL. I bet you are having fun finding "Forgotten" quilt projects though- and hey that ric rac reminds me of the swap package I never got from our polka dot and ric rac swap. Now I think my "partner" has forgotten all about me.... I hope she's feelng guilty....


It's a man thing to use things past their experation date.


Great kitchen colors! I wish I had more wall space to paint and decorate in my kitchen. Our kitchen is decent size but pretty much all cabinets and appliances. Doesn't leave room for anything else. And I can't believe you've filled another dumpster! Is #6 on the way?!

carole Meier

You've been a busy gal! Amazing what you find when it's time to move! Stephen is the same way about expiry dates. I've found meds that expiered in 1998! I just don't ask anymore and through them out! ;o) Good luck with the move!


It's fun to see old things we forgot, although I KNOW it's not fun for you at this moment! Take breaks!! Think of the clean house to come. Save those teacups and make pillows!!


Ahem, tell Hunka that keeping things after exp. isn't a good idea! One of my hubby's friends used some expired pain med. and it basically took him on a "trip"!
Not good! We don't want any more trips to the hospital... right!?!
You sure have accomplished a lot! The flower blocks and the well whatever they are blocks (the ones that look like they should be flowers... but just never made it!) maybe the two can be combind in some way?
I like what "Grammy Mac" said about do your new neighbors know how much fun they are in for! Hmmm, maybe "trouble" should be substituted for "fun"! Lol...
Hunka will have to keep an eye on you!
The colors you picked are great! Looks a bit like ME's kitchen in the book I told you about! Cute...
Have fun! Oh, and the ric-rac would look cute in a quilt... you know as the sashing! I've seen a few like that.


Thurday is gonna be beyond tearful....I need waterproof mascara...
ok, I need to make a quilt like those cute flower blocks......maybe with daisys?????
Hunka is just like McNasty, he thinks things never expire, even FOOD!!!!!!!!


It's fun to see what you are digging up! I moved right before Thanksgiving... I sure feel for you. However, my move was down the street. Same work but I didn't have to say goodby to friends... that must be the hardest!


You uncovered treasures in the move! How wonderful. I love that picture of you as a darling girl on the side bar. It is so obviously you!


Love the flower blocks. So cute. And LOVE the new colors for the new kitchen. Very, very, cute.


You are a machine woman, a machine! Hearing about the pain of your move makes me cry real tears. My own pain is too fresh and it leaves me weepy. I can assure you that this too shall pass. How many freakin' dumpsters you gonna fill anyway? It's amazing,simply amazing!


Gosh you have some seriously gorgeous quilts! Love the colour scheme of your new kitchen and I am so
jealous of Debbie and Nancy getting those gifties from you. Thank you for posting the Won Ton Thingy recipe. Going to try that tomorrow. I don't think many of your blog readers will have dry eyes as you finally say good-bye to So.Cal. And HOW MANY dumpsters are you filling??? (grin)

Connie W

Good-byes are so doggone tough but once you're moved you'll feel all better. Keep thinking good thoughts.


Oh Sharon...all your quilts are cute but the teacups are to die for! I know it's exhausting but I am sure coming across all these projects while you are moving is like Christmas every day.....
You will have fun unpacking too!!!


Oh my gosh, a post filled with so many beautiful things! Your quilts are just beautiful! I can understand why so many attics could become a nightmare, but at the same time I'm imagining that all of my storage issues would be taken care of if I had just one extra one. Take care and don't work too hard!

Lori holt

OMG you are one busy gal!!!
Your new kitchen will match my kitchen. (judging from the fabric)
Keep on keepin on- there's a light at the end of the tunnel!


Ok Sharon, there are no calories in that recipe, right. I gotta try some. The material you found and going to do your kitchen with, it's going to be cute...
Keep on going, just think it's going to be all organized when you unload and put it in your new sewing room.
Keep Stitchen'

Connie W

I think I could enjoy some dumpster-diving in your yard and grabbing some of those throw-aways, including the ric-rac. ;D
You have some lucky friends there hauling away your cast-offs, a mutually good endeavor for all.

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