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May 16, 2009


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Lovely quilts!!!! Thank you for taking the time to share them!!


Beautiful quilts! I love the feel of old quilts and wish they could tell me their story. (Yes, I know, quilts can't talk - LOL!) Now put your feet up, have a glass of wine, and relax - the big day is just around the corner! Cheers.


oh lovely!!! but how could you forget you had that quilt??? I love the one with the purple background, carpenters wheel??? red/white, and purple.. lovely...

not long 'til you run away to your new home :O)))



Sharon, you can just ship that top one to me instead of packing it. LOL
You have a beautiful collection, thanks for sharing.
Keep Stitchen'


Love the quilts.. especially the one with just shirtings...:o) ...ahhh you have some real treasures hidden there.. thanks for showing them!!!


I love the pink quilt. All that work, probably done by hand. Wow!


ohhhh I have a BIG smile on my face!
beautiful quilts Sharon...oh look at those fabrics too.
love those baskets with the handle being folky!
thats great. LOVE the color combos she did making those baskets
that was so nice of her to make you a quilt when you opened your shop, so thoughtful.
Love those butterflies and stars are amazing , would love to try those but those baskets are calling my name!!!!
thanks Sharon for thinking of me and sharing these beauties


these are great..........where did they come from have you brought them or inherited them????
Goodluck with the unpacking........


Thanks for all the gorgeous piccies ... I just love to see antique quilts!! I think my fave is the one your Mum made you though ... I have a weakness for hexie quilts ;o).
Joy :o)


What beautiful quilts, thanks for sharing them. I just love the scrappy first one, it's gorgeous and joyful.

Karen Beigh

The butterfly quilt is unusual. I don't remember seeing one made like that. I love the basket quilt!


What beautiful treasures -- especially the hexagon quilt made just for you! Hope the next few days go smoothly for you!


Thank you for the quilt show....I really love the basket quilt!


Your old quilts are really charming. Thanks for sharing them on your blog.
Good luck on your move.

Carole Meier

WoW! You have quite the sweet collection of antique quilts! They are gorgeous! Thanks for taking the time to show us! Hugs!


You have some beautiful old quilts Sharon. I especially love that first one!


Oh that basket quilt should be hung on your sewing room wall! Lovely quilts, all of them, but wow that basket one is spectacular!

It's getting close now! I need to email you soon so watch for one.


It's always a treat to see antique quilts...thanks so much for posting the pictures with so much going on!!!




These are so incredibly delightful! LOVE the first one...and the basket one...they're all incredible. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Flynn

Love the big ol' basket one the best! It's a treasure for sure!!


All beauties!! Hang in there Ms. Red ♥

Magnolia Bay Quilts

Beautiful quilts! Thank you for taking the time to share them.


Hey RED!

I thought that I was the only person that needs a ladder to reach anything! I guess that I would 2 ladders or the fire department in order to take those photos! I would probably pass out on the way down!

Thanks for sharing! Have SAFE trip!

Would you like for me to come and help you unpack? I am an expert and my DH is trying to find a place to send me for a "get-away".



Wow, thanks for sharing! They are beautiful! I hope all your packing is going well!



So pretty! Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for taking the time to sharing photos of your antique quilt collection; they are beautiful. Each and everyone of them.


What a wonderful collection! A would love to get my hands on a few of those! Where are you moving to?LOL


Beautiful quilts. I love the old quilts. It makes you wonder who slept under those quilts. How many homes did it grace. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Sharon! Thanks during this busy time for sharing these beautiful quilts with us. I love them all. Hope everything is going smooth...hang in there!


LOVE the first one. But they are all fabulous. ooxx`jodi


I love that basket quilt! Any chance you'd sell it? I had one that my great grandmother made for my mother. It was passed on to me but someone stole a few years ago.

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