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April 09, 2009


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Oh yes you need a bear!!!
OH MY gosh love this new house of yours!
end of May, how exciting!!!!

Karen aka Grammy Mac

Totally AWSOME!!! What a lovely house. I know you will make it a cozy home, and have fun doing it. I'm looking forward to watching as you do;) Good luck with all that you'll be doing in the next few months;)


What an adventure you are heading into. The house looks great! I envy you the big quilt room. You would not believe the size of mine ..... I can barely turn around in there. Now if I could only lose some weight I'd fit in there better!


Wow!!! Look at all that space you have for Daisy!! I love it ... that's it, I'm coming with you :o) LOL.
Joy :O)


Wow, Sharon! I wouldn't call that sunny room with those big airy windows "in the basement." Your new home is beautiful! And going home to family is the best! I'm so happy for you!


Hooray for a nice sunny yellow kitchen with white cabinets! I can't wait to see after photos - it's going to be beautiful.


Dandelion Quilts

I think the bear would be cooler if he had an apron wrapped around his shoulders. LOL I love the house...do you have any extra rooms? Perhaps I could move, too! LOL. I can envision your kitchen. I just love yellows. Sounds perfect. Beautiful floors, btw. I love the look of hardwood.


Your new house looks wonderful - especially the quilting area! That has to be top priority, doesn't it?


Truly lovely, Sharon!

Lynn T

Wow, what a beautiful house! And you sewing space is going to be awesome! Congrats!!


omg sharon.
it's SUPER cute.

need a room mate???


Your new house look terrific Sharon, and I'm sure it won't take too much time for you to make it a home. Now I'm a little lost, which state are you moving to?

Carol Lewis

What a beautiful house Sharon. Love the hardwood floors. That's going to be awesome for you having that big sewing room. Yeah, that bear is great.


How exciting! I can't wait to see how it all turns out. It is a great house! Your sewing basement...L-O-V-E it!!!!

Mary Flynn

Fantastic living area and basement is awesome. Looks like you have lots of great lighting too. Oh....and as for your sister...thought I saw mine for a second there! Mine is also the fit one, long and lean!


Congratulations on your new home! Wow - so many changes. I can't believe you're leaving SoCal - you know you're going to have SNOW in winter now, don't you?

Well, as you can see, I'M BACK from my European Tour. I missed you guys while I was gone and I didn't have one single opportunity to go on the internet the whole time. Arrrggghhh. Talk about quitting cold turkey!

Take care!
Rachel ☺


Fabulous house! L-o-v-e the basement area and the light which normally you don't get in basements! It's wonderful!


Love the new house and I'm so jealous of those floors!!!
Can't wait to see the majic you do to the kitchen!

Congrats on the move - hope everything goes smoothly!

Have a wonderful and peaceful Easter Weekend.


Oh Sharon, it's beautiful, even without all your special touches! You are going to have so much fun putting it together. Can't wait for the big party. Make sure there is lots of kleenex!!! Hug! Kris


So happy for you! Can't wait to see more pictures!!!


I LOVE it!!!! It looks in great shape to well cared for. The stairway is wonderful, I know what you mean about the narrow ones with a door. You can hang some quilts down that stairway and actually see them. Are you ever coming up stairs with all that wonderful space in your basement. Better have a small fridge down there!! You could decorate that bear seasonally, hmmmm, maybe not.

Kris Grover

The house looks great Sharon! What a wonderful place for your sewing studio too! I can't wait to see what all you do to it.
You will be missed here though.


Sharon, your new house looks terrific! How exciting.


The house is wonderful Sharon...that basement is REALLY nice!

Mary Crow

Beautiful floors! With that HUGE sewing room you'll have to host some retreats!

Jean C.

You know of course... that once it gets nice outside... the gates to the neighbors house close and the "real" bears are let loose to roam.... hee hee heeeeee... Plus once the trees leaf you won't even be able to see that house.
What a great house! I wouldn't mind all that space your getting!
Looks like a lot of fun/work!
Take care.


Congratulations!!!! Love the NEW HOUSE....I know how it feels to be away from family!!! You will be missed here in CA.


Ha ha ha...do you think some ole wooden bear is gonna keep you out?
I think not :)

The house is just gorgeous...LOVE your kitchen ideas. Can't wait to see some "after" photos this summer.

Good luck with the move.


Sharon, I know you're going to have as much fun putting together your new house as we are at our new Squash House! I can't wait to see the results!

jen duncan

I think they bought that bear up here!
Love the house. Just let us know when the first retreat will be held there ;-)


Oh Sharon! It is wonderful! I just love those floors! And that house around the corner, baby! I wish I had a bear like that in my yard!


Wow! I love the living room and the new studio is fantastic! Now if I could figure out how to buy the bear house....hmmm...off to get lottery tickets. Cheers and Happy Easter!


Very pretty! I love the bear, the view, well basically everything!


Wheres a pic of MY room?????


ooo....ahhhh! who is a lucky girl then....! love the floors...hopefully ours will look like that soon - and your basement / quilting are is awesome....I am eying off the attic in this house...already have one of the rooms upstairs but need more room to put the doover (quilt frame)....so the attic is looking good...just need a couple of skylights and I am there! Really happy for you...you are going to be busy over the next month....the going away "functions"will be something I am sure!! Enjoy!

Connie W

A wonderful new place for the new chapter in your life. Looks just totally cool.


You DO need a bear like that -- just have Hunka whip you one up! The house looks awesome -- all sunny and pretty and bright. Can't wait to SEE it LOL!


What a beauty of a home!!! And your sewing space - WOWIE!!!!! Breakfast was so much fun, now I off to have an evening with Luke!

Mary Anne Drury

WOW !!! It's GREAT Sharon! I'm partial to your future kitchen ... great minds think alike! (my kitchen is yellow with white bead board cabinets with 2 cabinets that have glass fronts, granite look (ours are formica but look like granite) counter tops and hard wood floors!!

....AND we have a bear or 4 in our yard (they come and go as they please .... not gonna argue with them ... they are NOT of the wood variety!)


Your new house looks wonderful! Things work out as they are suppose to, sometimes it is hard not to question why, but look what happened w/you and w/us!
Great times ahead!!!


Your new home is beautiful, I know you will fill it with love, Congratulations! And no jumping that fence, you might hurt yourself : )


Sharon I am THRILLED for you and hunka to be moving on like you've been wanting and your new house looks amazing - what a great find and your spot for daisy looks perfect.

Happy Easter sweet peep. Karen


Hmm, wonder where that bear got the fish? That looks like some neighborhood you are moving into. I am sure you are super excited!! If you could just click your heels and be there already, huh!

Angie S.

Congrats!! Your new house looks beautiful! Can't wait to see some "after" pics!!


Love your new house and it's wide open spaces. Lucky you with all that sewing room. Best of luck to you as you move and remodel.


I see I'm a little behind with my blog reading. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. :-)


Wow you've been busy this weekend while I've been away. What a gorgeous house and huge sewing room...I love it. Your kitchen plans are great, I look forward to it's progress.


How beautiful Sharon! I can't wait to see it with all the Red Geranium touches. Daisy will be very happy there, and so will you!!!

Karen Beigh

I will be patiently waiting for photos of your stuff in the new house, especially the sewing room!

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