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April 13, 2009


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I just gotta say... EWWWWWWW!!!

And where is that Rosie who lost 20 lbs? How dare she succeed when we're all failing? Just kidding ~ way to go, Rosie! Maybe if we're nice, she'll sell us her weight loss secrets.

Mary Flynn

Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! I may never have ham again. Thanks. LOL

Peggy Aront

Hey there commander....
I'm away and thankfully not near a scale since I think I overdosed at Easter dinner....
I will get back on track when I get home from Myrtle Beach....

Hubby took me out and bought me a new pr of walking sneakers tonight so maybe if it stops raining here in So Carolina I can walk a little....


That is the fattiest ham I have ever seen...Yikes!! No wonder you're not losing..its the ham, not the other "stuff"!!!!! Stay away from the dang ham!!!! :-)


Yeah for Rosie ... hey she is collecting all our lost pounds. And OMW I may never eat again. Those pictures will be stuck in my head!!!


Hey woman....give me the low-down on the wii fit -- do you like it for exercising? Is it a pain to have to stay on that pad thing???


Wow.. tell me where you shop I don't want to go there.. LOL I did NOT have a calorie free day. I cooked dinner and it was mostly traditional. Let's just say I am carrying it around today I can feel it. I am off to a great start today though. One of these weeks it has to sink in.. doesn't it??

Jean C.

I'm thinking we all need to work harder.... but it will be easier now that the sun is trying to shine... right? Tell me I'm right! Cause I need all the help I can get! General... what happened to rallying the troups? You know, we follow your excellent example... ahem, well... you know what I mean... I mean if it's good enough for the general... it's good enough for us right? LoL... you didn't give Madeline any of that ham did you? I bet she would have loved it... but then later... not so much! LoL...


Hey Sharon!!! Wow, I've never seen so much fat on a ham before. On me, yes. On a ham, no. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.


Okay, in about a month of following the points in Weight Watchers, I may have lost one to two pounds. http://sherrieandme.blogspot.com


My weight is so bad. I gain and lose up to 5 pounds a day. I give up. Ewwww that ham photo.


Yuckyyyyyyyyyy! I think that I am going to choke because of the vomit in the back of my throat!

Anyway, I have never heard of "bottom-less" Wii! No wonder Hunka is all into that!



MMMMMMM.... ham! Okay, those are gross pictures. YUCK!


here it is, quit eating! LOL! Unfortunatley last night i ate some blackberry cobbler and icecream so i probably gained that 20 back :(


Okay that is very gross! Ewww!

Totally spaced on it being Monday, but I got my lecture from the doc this morning and I didn't do too badly this week!


Sharon ,Sorry I haven't posted on my weight loss in a while.I have been kind of down in the dumps about it.
Last week I decided to start walking outside and a long story short I have injured my back.I am now on a round of prednisone and pain meds I am hopeing to be back on the weight loss trail soon.


Those pics look a little like the ones the dr. showed us after my Dad's surgery. BLECK!!


I have tried being a vegetarian off and on, you just convinced me to do it again, Ewwwwwww! I hope you are having a good week.


Sorry sharon but thats what i've been doing. Just cut way back on food. hardly ever eat dinner anymore, hardly snack anymore and have a big lunch. And way less dr peppers than before ;)

Connie W

I love the new look on your blog! Wow, look at the great gifts, oh my.


OMG! We had a ham like that. No meat! Just fat. I should have taken it back to the store. It was gross.

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