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April 30, 2009


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Looks like a fun day Sharon. And even better, looks like you're getting stuff cleaned out for the big day! Woohoo!!!


I need to get an invite to one of those crazy pajama parties. Looks like such fun... and strawberry shortcake, too? Yummmmmm.


Too much fun! Makes me want to have a pajama party.. but, when I get together with Tata that's what we do too... need to schedule another visit...


Sharon, what are you going to do without all that fun all the time. I know you will still get together, just make it often so we can still see all the fun you girls have.
You must be clearing out a bunch.
Keep Stitchen'


Goodwill pile?!!!!! Where is your Goodwill, I'll be right over! LOL! Love the polka dot sheets and glad no one spilled! Have a great weekend. Cheers.


omg your sending old quilts to the goodwill?????
Can I be your goodwill drop off????

As always the party looked like you all had a blast, and love the projects going on.
I am going to make a string quilt too
Adorable in 30's



I wanna shop at your goodwill!!! I never find stuff like that at mine. LOL


Sounds like a very good time. I'm really digging that string block quilt. I may have to try to make one of those.


Looks like a good time was had by all!!!!! How special to have such great friends......thanks for sharing!!!

Mary Flynn

Oh...I spot thread in that pile that I'd have loved to use for our guild raffle. I'm working on collecting stuff to use for quilt guild raffles.


Oh how I wish I was close enough to dig through your goodwill piles... and your closets and just in general good junk! LOL

Looks like ya'll had a great time!


Sharon, that looks like so much fun. I am so happy that the girlies are making your move a little easier. Helps a bit! I know you will sooo miss them but I am sure the memories that you are making will warm you all, forever.


Sharon, My jammies are still on!!! It's Friday (my day off!!) I'm still trying to figure out how you will handle not having your girls so close :( You know how to have a blast with one another and ID love that Hunka is so willing to participate too...I have a hubby like that too. Did you love the French flower quilt. What fabrics did you use? Looks darling. You are the best...Good luck on your packing. XO Kathie


You have NEW piles for US??????? omg, I cant wait to see!!!!!!
I had so much fun...and from now on our pj partys will have to last a WEEK...lol


Hey I DO have my jammies still on!!! and it's 12:42 PM...I'm getting a late start! Looks like tons of fun!!


You have great pajama partys. I would love that recipe for the sausage wontons. Sounds yummy. I'd love to serve them at my next pajama party! Thank you in advance!

Helen Nash

Sharon I didn;t know how to e-mail so I figured I do it this way I want to order some things from you please like the #9 thimbleberries kit and etc e-mail me
Take care Helen from N.Y
Helen Nash
159 Coolidge St
Haverstraw N.Y


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