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April 10, 2009


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I have a zipper foot, who knew ; ) It looks way to complicated for me just learning to sew again. I think you should sell them to people who love them like me but have no clue in life LOL. I hope you have a beautiful Easter!


Awesome, I might have to whip some up for Easter gifts tomorrow. Thanks a lot, LOL! I LOVE the flower towel! Super cute!!!


What a GREAT idea to use cute towels to make little bags...and this would be great for all the holidays! Thanks so much~!

Carol Lewis

Thanks for the tutorial Sharon. I always see towels that I like too. I just might have to give this a try. I could even do a design with my machine embroidery for this bag. I will let you know when I make one.


Oh my gosh and i thought i was done with the little bits and pieces of easter and then you go and do this to me yikes
well okay off to target or kohls big sat. sale to see if any of those cute towels still are around
too cute and thanks for the duh...
because yes it would not have been unzippy do duh... for sure
thanks happy easter bunny to you too


Thanks for the tutorial!!! Very well done, I'll have to go out shopping tomorrow. Happy Easter!!!

Karen aka Grammy Mac

Love the tutorial...thanks for sharing. and, thanks for the laugh;) You crack me up;)


HMMMM - that's easy for you to say and do! LOL

Wonderful tutorial, Sharon. Might have to try one soon - you know I'm super bagophobic! LOL


Great tutorial Sharon!! I'm promising myself a go at it. So cute and handy too


Those towels are so cute and the purse tutorial is great! I probably would have been able to follow it better if I had put down the glass of wine before I read it! LOL! First thing tomorrow I am off for cute towels! Wouldn't larger ones be cute for beach bags! Thanks Sharon - you're a peach. Happy Easter.


What gorgeous little bags!! Thank you so much for sharing - they are too cute!


You've outdone yourself, it's great, thanks so much :o)!! I'm off to find some towels so I can make some :o).
I hope the Easter Bunny is good to you!!!!
Joy :o)


adorable, tutorial looks great!
love the little tabs, beautiful towels
I just may have to try this, I sure thought my sewing zippers, aka making clothes was OVER!


Oh I think even I could manage to stuff this up Shazza!
Congrats on selling the house...
congrats on buying a new house..
congrats on, well surviving my stalking!

take care


Jane Weston

Super tutorial...You've done a great job and nice clear steps and pictures!


You sure made that look easy...but you know how afraid of zippers I am. LOL! I'll try to be brave.


Great tutorial. I'll bookmark this for future reference!


All this time I thought you were doing machine embroidery for those little patches on the front. You're too clever!


Mary Flynn

Oh sure....you make this look so easy! Hopefully all these cute little towels will still be around and just think day after Easter usually on a clearance. Time to stock up!! I'd like mine already made. Hint! :-)

Dandelion Quilts

What a cute idea! Thanks for the tutorial.


Brilliant. Some of us just need lengthy tutorials to finally get it. Thanks


Love the tutorial...I think I will steal some towels from the cupboard to make some bags...


Thanks a million babe! L-O-V-E the bags and the towel idea! I still haven't made a single bag yet, but every time I see yours I make plans to do one...I have tons of plans now with my left over taupes! It's always easier to see how it's done my using pictures as I am a very visual learner!

Question: did the cute sista gift bag get it's angled sides from just squaring off the bottom or do you intentionally angle the sides a bit first? It looks like they get there from squaring the corners...I'll have to try and see!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Cute, cute, cute!

Mary Anne Drury

VERY CUTE !!!! and you get an A+ on the instructions !


With all you have to do, you took the time to share this with all of us! THANK YOU!! I will be making one of these tonight for sure! HAPPY EASTER!


Super cute Sharon!

barbie Jo

Darn cute and good job!


Another great idea! Thanks for sharing. The pictures were very helpful. Happy Easter.

jen duncan

I don't know which I'm more excited about--I got your blog to open (WHY do I struggle with this?!) or how stinking cute that flowers n bees towel is! I'd have probably bought them all and not even thought to make these ADORABLE bags with them! Super tut, Sharon. Even for a novice. thanks!


Well Sharon -- here's another BIG DUH!! for people like me who open the zipper all the way, stitch and trim the zipper pull right off!! UGH! Back to the cutting board -- that was really quick and fun!! Thank you again!

May Kristin

Great tutorial!
Happy Easter!


I love the towel bags! They are great! Thanks for sharing!

clare bower

Well you must have done it right if even I could understand it . Thanks very much , well done .
Happy EASTER .


Tutorial was great! I will be making some of these for my girls! Thanks for sharing.....


Well how cute! I would never have thought to use a towel!

Lori holt

Okay sharon- I do LOVE those bags and your tute is so cute(hey that rhymes) You cheer me up when I'm having stress!!!
We (my daughter and I) are so gonna make those bags on wednesday sew nite.
Can you tell me which towels you got where? I'm just wondren:)


Awesome tute Sharon! I love making these little bags in fabric. Now I have to go find some towels!


Great tutorial.it will come in handy..since youre moving and I will have to make my own bags:(
I LOVE my Easter bag...so sweet and so are YOU!!!
Happy Easter!

Jean C.

As some of the blogs I've been reading say...."EASY PEASY"!!!!
Happy Easter!


Thank you for the tutorial and CONGRATULATIONS on the sale of your house!!!

I know you are anxious to move. Love the trees in the backyard


Great Tutorial!!! Maybe you should consider being a teacher when you grow up?? lol


A wonderful tutorial and I am so lucky to have one of those cute bags of my very own...yeah, finally back to blogging!!!!


Your little bag looks very doable!Thanks for the tutorial Sharon! Hope you had a great holiday weekend...packing???


I've made a few of those bags but not using towels. Thanks for a great idea.


I've made a few of those bags but not using towels. Thanks for a great idea.


Way cute!!! Thank you for the tutorial. And the terry cloth makes it unique and even cuter.


Love the bag, it is so cute.


Holy Cow. This is so cute. Good tutorial. Love this.


Can I just buy one from you? I have had the zippers for ages, but just cannot get to doing it.

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