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April 11, 2009


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LOVE the picture! Happy Easter to you and hunka!!!


Have a Happy Easter too, Sharon! I'm so happy for you that you sold your house--I wish you so much luck, love, great family times, bountiful quilting, wonderful new friends, and a very happy future in your new (very lovely!) house. You're such a ray of sunshine--I know you'll be happy in your new home and being near your family.

Thanks for the tutorial and again...a very happy chocolatey Easter to you!


May your baskets be overflowing with chocolatey goodness!


Happy Easter to you too :o)!!! Bet you're too busy packing to be eating choccy Easter Eggs!!! Don't worry, I'm eating enough for both of us he he he ...
Joy :o)


I love that picture of you! Happy Easter, wishing you a day filled with many blessings.

Mary Anne Drury

Happy Easter !! (and since you have connections with the Easter Bunny, please tell him to send a case of marshmallow peeps my way!)

May Kristin

Happy Easter to you too, Sharon!


Happy Easter to you.
ciao ciao


Seriously Shaz - you hang out with some awesome "people".....hope you have had a fab Easter....are you packing yet!!!....good thing is you will have to eat all the chocolate so you don't have to pack it!!LOL.....I was lucky and won a great Easter basket with goodies...but am on a serious diet so am not eating chocolate...but all the more for the Prince!!


Happy Happy Easter to YOU!

Connie W

This is SO cute! Happy Easter to you and your hunka too.


Happy Easter and Frannie says thank you note to follow along with photo!



too cute.
happy easter to you & hunka.
{and the boys.}


Thanks friend! and many happy Easter wishes to you and hubby! Think..this is the last holiday you will have to be in CA. All the rest will be close to family and your boys!

Mary Flynn

Same to you.....stress free is good! Step away from the chocolate! Ok...just teasing cause I know you want it! LOL


Hoppity Easter to you and yours too!! Hope your chocolate bunnies are amazing and that you find many hidden eggs :) Kathie


There you go, name-dropping again. Most of us aren't fortunate enough to actually KNOW the Easter Bunny, but you... you know everyone haha.

Have a Happy Easter, Sharon!


Sharon, you and the bunny look so cute, LOL.

Thank you for the tutorial below. They turn out perfect for a little giftie item.

And last your house is going to be perfect for your sewing, did Hunka get a big workshop? It looks like someone is looking after you two.

Keep Stitchen'


Love this picture!!!! Happy Easter to you too!!!


Great Picture! Happy Easter.


Hope your Easter was a great one - next year bunnies and chocolate in the new house, surrounded by family, that will be great for you.

Hugs - Karen


Great picture.


I just got back vacation and read your news. Congratulations! I'm so happy that your house finally sold and that found a new perfect one. Many happy days.


Hope you both had a great Easter!
I love the picture!!!


You are lookin SKINNNNY! Good for you. Hey that ham was over the top ick. Seriously!

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