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March 14, 2009


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OH I love everything, and I want to make that darling quilt with the flowers, too stinking cute, I think we may need another slumber party!!!!!!!!!
Love the project bag too!!!!


What a fun day you had with Kris..her shop looks great. Oh boy all those POLKA DOTS, and I love that project bag!!! I'm gearing up for Loooooser Monday.


Sharon...Sharon? You can come out now!
What a fun store - so many good things in there. I love the ladybug fabric and those cute little yoyo animals. My mum used to make those. I remember she made a loooooong dog. It was the door prize at some event in the village.
So, you've got lots of projects lined up, eh?


OK, I HAAAVE to get to California! Those clothespins would look so good in my kitchen and the project bag is fantastic and let me at that ladybug fabric! I wonder if hubby wants to go to Disneyland - hmmm. Glad your back, you've been missed.


Okay, I just went and checked out Kris's online shop. The apron BOM is so cute. What cracked me up is she has a listing for "As Seen on Red Geranium"!!!LOL!!!


Sharon, what a lovely day you had with Kris. It is so special when you manage to catch up with friends. I absolutely love her shop--oh why do I live in New Zealand????


Your posts always make me want to go fabric shopping....wonder why???? LOL

Glad you are out of hiding, that was quite the full moon last week.


I love that quilt with the fried egg flowers! That apron block is pretty stinkin' cute too! xo, suzy


Thanks for the tour!



How fun! Thanks for another quilt shop tour. I just love to see the shops you feature.


It was sooo fun to have lunch with you!!! It had been way too long. I'm looking forward to getting together again soon!

What a great tour guide you are!!! Hugs, xoxox, Kris


Oh those fabrics are wonderful... I will take a bit of each LOL. and the little dress is very sweet, just the thing a grammy would make for her little darling.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Kris!

May Kristin

Oh boy! What an eye-candy this post was! Lots of lost of lovely stuff!

May Kristin

Oops, think I was a bit too quick with the spelling...
... nothing lost... only lots of lovely stuff!


I LOVE your shop tours!!!! Almost (just almost, lol) as good as being there!!! Thank you!!

Dandelion Quilts

Looks like a fun filled day. I love it all, of course. That's my problem, I am too tempted by quilting eye candy. I hope you have a great day.

Suzanne@Notes from the Patch

This comment is for Kris:
Your store is fabulous and seeing Sharon's photos makes me want to get out of my jammies and rush down to my store and STRAIGHTEN & CLEAN!! (Well, almost!) lol Seriously, your store is wonderful and your displays are great. Love the apron quilt and that little patchwork dress is to die for. Lot's of inspiration and color!

Thanks Sharon for the great tour. So when are you coming to Bakersfield to review, I mean visit my store? Just give me a week or so notice so I can clean!

Lori Holt

Hi Sharon!
I think that's so cool that you are doing my apron quilt! I hope you enjoy making it:) I would love to see your blocks as you get them done...


Wish I was there to have lunch with you guys. The store looks adorable, lots of fun inspiring projects..xo


Oh how fun is taht shop! What I noticed is in the first picture - that really cute black iron dress hanging on the wall! Isn't that cute! That zippy bag thing looks fun too!


Hi Sharon,
Thanks so much for the shop tour. There is only one shop close by to me and it's 30 minutes away. Loved all the pictures!


Welcome back! Great pictures of Kris' shop. Such wonderful eye candy. It could be really dangerous to the wallet in there! Love your apron block.

Kris Grover

Hi Sharon,
Great shop! Where is it, what is the name, and who is Kris?????
Inquiring minds want to know.


I'm glad you were able to spend time with Kris because we get to see the beautiful shop she has. All the fabrics and samples are fantastic. Do you know the name of the fabric line in the first couple of pictures? It's stunning. I can see why you would want it all.


IF I ever get to Southern California to do a little shop hopping I'd love to visit Kris' shop - it's a true delight.

Thank you for sharing!

I think I have that apron pattern - sweet BOM! I'm coming to sew with you - ok?

Anne Heidi

Oh now you really made want to go SHOPPING!!! That quilt shop has the qutest stuff! And your apron block is so cute, I'll have to follow your link now....


I loved the QS tour, we had clear skies and the moon was amazing. In the morning it would set over the Three Sisters. :))

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Yep, been missing you. Thanks for sharing the photos. Those springy pastel fabrics make my mouthwater.

Mary Flynn

You and me both....waiting from some girls. Although son #2 is still waaaay too young to consider and son #1 still busy with college.....but oh to see all that pink makes my heart ache.

Carole Meier

Thanks for the visit! Hugs!

Carole Meier

Noticed how I haven't complained about your huge header yet? Oh... I can hardly read those robot letters. I guess pretty soon this robot will not be able to post! LOL


Wow! What a great shop! Can't you get Kris to move here -- we need a decent shop. LOVE those springy fabrics too -- is that Darla???

Mary Anne Drury

Jeeze Louise !!!! That full moon PLUS the time change last week really knocked the starch out of me!! I really cannot seem to get my act together lately ... so I can certainly relate to your plite !!!

Anyhow ... I just LOVE every single thing you showed a picture of ..... and that little girl's dress ..... sigh.... I do have a little 3 year old niece that would look smoochie cute in that .... I just may be tempted to make it for Easter!!


Thanks again Sharon and friends for all the nice comments on the shop!! The fabrics in the French Roses Quilts are Darla, by FreeSpirit. The jumper is also Darla and the pattern is Easy Pieces by Sew Baby. You can find it on our website, in the "As seen on Red Geranium Cottage Section"


What a great shop...what are those fabrics that look like spring...'cause they are gorgeous!


Hello! I'm playing catch-up once again. I love Kris' shop! It is on my list of quilt shops I. Must. Visit. I'm in LOVE with that apron BOM!

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