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December 04, 2008


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Great to have you back...sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving!!! The table runner turned out great...and that man in the red suit will be here before we know it!


sounds like yall had a grand ol' time.

have fun with your ddr.

that's sucks to hear about your swappers.
i wasn't part of your swap, but if you want me to be an angel to one of the gals missing out because of those two...i can see what i can do.
just let me know.


So obviously you don't need fabric to have fun at your house. I love the pic of Boo in the background - my laurie tries to do that in every single picture. I can't belive Mr. RGC doing dance dance revolution! Reminds me of one of my favorite Malcolm in the middle episodes. You look like you all had a super time!

Carla Finley

Yay!! You're back! Glad you had a good time.


Welcome home.. We missed you. Sounds like you had a great time, especially with your boys! Soon you will get to be closer to them. The house will sell, the house will sell. Just keep repeating that.

Kris Grover

Welcome home. I just knew you had to be away. No blogging for way too long!


Sharon I just love ya and how you write. A great reason for New Years Eve if I ever heard one, LOL.

Hugs - Karen


What a wonderful holiday!!! We missed you. Welcome back!


Welcome back!!! Glad you had fun ... missed you though ;o).
.... and yes, he's JUST like Gilligan LOL!!
Joy :o)


What a great time you had and wonderful pictures of your handsome guys!!!! Sad about the swap :-( !


Glad to see you back in blog land! Looks like a wonderful turkey day for you too! Can't wait to see how you welcome Santa!

Received my yummy swap package from Vickie. You can see pics of my fun polka dot gifties on my blog. And thanks so, so much for hosting the swap!

Carole Meier

Looks like you had a great time! It must have been the bourbon! lol What's with people not following through with their swap? Seems to be the trend as of late. Hope all settles for you! Hugs!


Welcome Back! Missed you!



Welcome home!!! I missed your bloggies!!! Glad to see you had a great time on your hols!!! Nothing yet from my swap partner by the way.
Joy :o)


Hey girl, we missed you! glad to hear yall had a good time with the family :)

Vickie E

Great family pictures...we love the Wii in our house too!


I think I will have to put a Wii on my Christmas list...but I get too serious with the golf game and just keep trying to perfect it...LOL...just as in the real game..... it aint gonna happen!! LOL.....looks like you had fun with the fam for Thanksgiving....and thanks for hosting the swap.....I am hoping my parcel arrives at its destination soon...it's been almost three weeks!!


Looks like you had a great trip as usual. You always have fun wherever you go, and that is wonderful. Can't believe the turkey meat gets separated, lol. That is funny. The dance game looks like fun for the Wii. May have to check that one out. Glad you are back, missed you!


Welcome back!
I am so glad you had so much fun going home.
Such a pretty part of the country that must have made the drive easier.
Can't wait to see what your working on next...and your decorating for Christmas!


Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving - and welcome back! DDR is a blast! :)

Amanda in KY

I did miss you! It looks like you had a great time.

I'm going to see my family at Christmas in LA. When I told my sister she said, "Oh, so does this mean we have to go on diets before we see each other?" She's skinny like your sister. It makes me sick. :)


I missed you, Welcome back. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time with family.


Happy to see you're back! I put DDR for my Wii on my Christmas wish list as well. We'll see if "Santa" pays attention. LOL

Jen :)

Glenna at Hollyhock Quilts

Thanks for the blog visit and note! Always look forward to hearing from you.

Kudos to you for calling out the people who are not doing their part! Hope they belly up and do the right thing.

Glad you had a good trip and are back in the saddle again---


Looks like you had a great trip! Love all the photos. Can I come to your house for New Year's Eve? I'll BMOB even!! I'm glad you're back! My "Santa's Workshop" is open and running - it's running a tad bit slowly, but I'm gettin' there!!!


DO they know that the dark and white meat touch on the bird??? Strange indeed...love me some dark meat..yum! SO glad to have you back!


MO was great at Thanksgiving! I'm on the KC side though. Glad yours was so much fun. Enjoy the DDR.


Welcome home! I'm glad your holiday was fun. That is too funny about the white meat not touching the dark meat lol!!!

sandi a.

Yep, missed ya. Glad you're back and what a great time you must have had! I like the "I'm dinner" turkey. Very cute:-)


Glad you're back...I thought you fell in a hole or somethin.....


Kim P.

Hey, you're back! I figured you had gone to visit family--sounds like you had fun! Looking forward to hearing more--and did you manage to hit any quilt shops on the trip? I'm pretty sure you did!


Yeah RED is back on town! I missed ya!

Anyway, it looks like you had a great trip. Your real sisters are a "hoot"! You could dress up like Ginger and go out with Gilligan!

You and Hunka look like a couple of newlyweds! Cheers to you guys!

Cute table runner. Did you make me one????? I'll come and get it from you!

Glad that you are back!



The fat man in the red suit is torturing us and he needs to go away. I'm SO not ready. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving -- soon you won't have to fly to get there!


You definitely have a Gilligan in your family, I used to have one too but now he has turned into the Captain...LOL
Your family photos look lovely.. you all look so happy...

jen duncan

I've sure enjoyed sitting here and catching up with you this morning Sharon! Such great pictures. Now I think I want to move to the midwest, too! Look at all that house one can buy. And land too! Ahhh...I'd probably miss our weather too much.
I wasn't going to say anything, but maybe it got lost in the mail and my sender can't say anything---I never did get a PD&RR swap package either. No big whoop--just not sure if my sender did send and thinks I'm rude! Have a great weekend..

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