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October 19, 2008


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barbie Jo

That CUTE little pumpkin you're holding just suits you to a T! I hav'nt had the pleasure of playing Wii yet, probably just as well as I tend to get hooked on those sort of things. On the antique machines I was Pac Man, Space Invaders, Bubble Bubble and Donkey Kong Queen though LOL!


Sharon, Now you get to go to Houston!!!! Okay---you live a charmed life or something??? The pictures of your boys and sister are just darling but..........that baby pumpkin is on sweet baby!!! One of these days we will both get a couple of those I hope and we can put a cute little hat when it comes to halloween too!!! Have a wonderful time tomorrow with your sista. Get some rest and then,.......... who knows you'll be jet setting somewhere else!!! Kathie


Glad to have you back, for a few days anyway!! What a cutie pie he is...aren't they just so fun to hold when they are so little and all squishy like that?

Take loads of pictures and remember we still get to see the reunion too! Once you get home and stay there for a few days!


Luke is just adorable and that hat - what a hoot. Sounds like a nice time out catching up. Love playing WII - especially bowling - I played so many games with son#2 one weekend that I pulled a muscle in the back of my leg - I referred to it often now as my bowling injury, LOL. You know I'm seeing you in Houston - as they say you can run but you can't hide, LOL.

Hugs - Karen


That baby and his hat are adorable! That reuben sure looked good, too. And you HAVE to get the Wii Fit! It's SOOO much fun.


OMG, your Mii is almost exactly like mine!! We got Wii fit, and DH is really getting into it too! Have a great time in Houston.

Kim Pebley

Sharon... you are just on the go girlfriend. You and Cheryl look like you had a great date, with Luke.. he is adorable. Have a great week!

sandi a.

Luke in his pumpkin hat is just as cute as can be. All he needs is orange jammies and he's ready for Halloween. I love it when my husband does the kind of thing Hunka did and then I get to remain all cool and calm unlike how he would react if I had spilled water on the remotes. You are sooooo right that it is a good thing he did it. :-)


OMG! Baby Luke is just adorable isn't he....and that hat....so cute...but can you imagine when he is 21 or so and seeing pics of him with the pumkin hat....what a hoot!! so you are off on another junket...boy you sure do get around!! Wii is just too much fun isn't it...I don't play golf...but the golf game really got me going!! LOL...just couldn't rest until I had it mastered..which is why I don't sleep very well...LOL


Hey Muffy, great pictures of my sweet little pumpkin, it was so easy to PRY him out of your arms :-)!!!!! What a fun lunch. I am still stuffed from that French Toast :-)!! Great projects you have going there!


Owwww what a lovely baby and such a great hat.I don't have a Wii but my daughter and son in law do and I love playing it and especially the Wii fit.Even grandad who is 89 had a go!


Luke is adorable, that pumpkin hat is just soooo cute. Hope you found out where she bought it so you can get one for your future grandchild!!!!
The hourglass quilt your working on is wonderful...love that block.
GReat news you finished the other quilt too. I have wanted to make one of those too....looks like a quilt you really have to pay attention while your sewing it but I love it!
make sure to take loads of pictures at market, sure wish I was going too.


all babies are cute, especially when they chuck on someone else and go home with someone! LOL
nappie pie?? oh my, am cacking myself here..

nappy = diaper in Australia..
no one would EVER want a nappy pie here.. NEVER..

no halloween here either.. I dont need an excuse to pit out on chocolate!

PS I really really really love your quilt.. I think I might have to make one.... ONE day :O)))


OMG Luke is the cutest pumpkin! Sounds like a great lunch! That suitcase of yours is really getting a work out! LOL! Love your 2 new quilts...WOW that one sure looks like it takes a lot of concertration. I think Andy and I are going to get ourselves a Wii for Christmas. Looks like fun!


We have a WII too (and a WII Fit). SOOOOOOO much fun!

Jen :)


Aaawww! he is sooo cute!

I also love when 'they'(our DH's) mess up, because 'they' go nuts when we do, but we can act more forgiving LOL!!


Look at Luke in his pumpkin hat - too cute! You look so happy holding him, too.
The quilts you're working on are very pretty! Love Boo's Halloween decor, too.
My son and family have a Wii and they love it! We don't have time to play it when I visit, but I'm excited to give it a try! I want the Wii Fit - I hear it's great! Cute name, Muffy!


Glad you're back and that you had a good time. My kids are getting a wii for their birthday next month. Should hubby and I just find something else for them and keep the wii for ourselves? lol

Dandelion Quilts

Sharon, your quilt is beautiful! I bet you were tickled to see the Halloween decor. . .come on boys, time to get with it! You Wii story is hilarious.


Cheryl is a great gal. Love the 2 quilts and that baby is precious.

Carole Meier

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time! Lovely quilts! As always you have great taste! Hum... aren't you do for another one of those huge banner that reflects the fall? I'm just saying ya know! ;o) It's been a while since I teased you and all! lol Enjoy your WIIing!

Mary Anne Drury

OH! I just want to HOLD that cute little pumpkin baby!!!...and, speaking of pumpkins, quick zip over to my blog before you skip town again cause I'm having a Halloween giveaway (I just posted it today and the drawing will be this Saturday the 25th.)


Yep. You're definitely grandmother material. Tell them to get on with it! LOL ;-)

He's a cutie for sure.


OMG_ that is the cutest little baby in a PUMPKIN HAT!!!! I love both the quilts you're working on...so so cute!!! And how cool is it that Wilster is decorating for Halloween with your table toppers!!! I'm hoping mine will do the same some day!!!!


Baby Luke is adorable..love that hat. My hubby would have loved chowing down on one of those Ruebens, one of his favs. Oh Sharon, I was laughing so hard at you & the ranch dip & the WHATEVER fruit...you crack me up! LMAO Love the quilts you are working on. I think Wilster did good with the table topper & his pumpkin bucket, just keep on working on BOO :) You a Wii addict,no way, you're never home long enough! :)


Baby Luke is just precious!!! I am sure you didn't want to let go of him. You have to work on those boys so you can have your own. So you are weii addicts, lol. Aud and I keep saying we are going to buy one, but we can't find one in stock ever! Have a great time in Houston!!!

May Kristin

Absolutely adorable! Little Luke I mean! But I love your quilts too!
Enjoy your trip to Houston! I'm NOT envious, oh no, not at all! LOL

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