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June 04, 2008


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May Kristin

The antique quilt is absolutely gorgeous!
Watermelons! Yummy!
Can't wait to see what's inside that lovley wrapped present! And some early birthday wishes for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON MONDAY!

Kris Meares (Tag Along Teddies)

Hey Sharon! Thanks for sharing your friend's quilts with us - and thank your friend, too! That watermelon quilt is BRIGHT!!! And so, so cheerful! It just screams "Summer" doesn't it!! What clever friends you must have! Enjoy your wine - just don't try to ride your pretty pink pushbike afterwards! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)

Anne Heidi

The quilts are really nice! I LOVE the watermelon quilt, perfect for a summer day. Ok. now I'm craving watermelon.... Oh, we tried grilled pizzas on Friday, pop over and take a look... Thank you for the inspiration- it was the BEST pizza we've had in ages :) Happy birthday ahead of time :)


the antique quilt is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Wow the watermelon quilt is just so fun.
Love it. Would make a great picnic quilt or quilt for my patio table.
Christmas and ME...what could be better....


Good of you to enjoy yourselves with a funny shopping round...:0)The antique quilt was fantastic...what a treasure to have...and wow that watermelonquilt almost flashed me...needed those sunglasses..;D A really happy quilt..well done Nancy!! Lucky for you that you don´t want to unwrap presents...maybe its easier to wait until Monday..*S*


I'll take one of each of things in your cart...LOL! Nancy quilts are wonderful...can't wait to see you work your magic on them.


Wow -- that antique quilt is an absolute treasure and the border is great! Love the watermelon quilt -- amazingly cheerful.
I don't know how you can resist opening that package!


Cute quilts and that antique quilt is beautiful. So what's the deal with the pizza dough from Trader Joe's. I will be near one next Sunday and have been thinking of making a pit stop there. Should I be buying some of that. Can you help a sister out :)

hugs - Karen


What is it about Trader Joes that whenever you go, you MUST fill up whatever cart or basket you grab? I always grab only a basket for that very reason!

Love that antique quilt - and those watermelons are adorable!


I wanna see.....open it now...LOL Birthdays are meant to last weeks, so the party starts today. Happy Birthday!
I love the antique quilt and would love to make something like that. The watermelon quilt is prefect for a pizza summer Bbq...with wine of course.


Don't you love the chicken in the bag? I buy the Teriyaki BBQ chicken one and LOVE to pop in the microwave then on some rice and eat! Perfect for pouring out just enough for me and saving the rest! Did not know they sold pancetta...must find that! Oh and I saw the chocolate croissants! I've been eating these fabulous ice cream sandwich things from there with 2 big chocolate chip cookies, ice cream in the center and tiny mini chips all around the ice cream edge! YUM!!

Love the quilts too!


hummmmmmmmmm....sunday night and 2 buck chuck........that explains a few things.lololol


Wow, that antique quilt is beautiful! Why can't have have some old quilts in my family????

The watermelon quilt is darling! She told me you were quilting it. I can't wait to see what you do with it!


HEY!!! I'm so excited I can't see any of those beautiful quilts you're showing --- there's my little quilt in the background! I heart you Ms. Sharon LOL!!!!!

Anne Bebbington

That mandarin orange chicken sounds delicious


Looking at this post has made me very hungry! Those quilts are all so beautiful.
I need to go find a source for Chocolate croissants, because I've never seen them here. Is that Trader Joes? I will be harassing the Hawaiian shirt wearers until I get chocolate croissants...

jen duncan

I just wanna open those little pink and white pinwheels and pop 'em in my mouth! Speaking of eating--I would be jealous of the Trader Joe's, but I'm losing weight right now (YAY!) and that just would NOT happen if I had a TJ anywhere near here!!


Beautiful quilts! The watermelon quilt!!!! I have to get that pattern, it just screams Louise with big letters. Lucky that I don't have any other projects going, not true, but who cares! Live and enjoy today is my motto...so what if I have many UFOs. Life is too short not to enjoy fun stuff!


I need to go to TJ's...thanks for the reminder :) That antique quilt is beautiful and those watermelons are tooo cute Nancy!


Love the food and the quilts. Makes me want to come see you, lol. Happy Birthday, on Monday? Ok, Happy Birthday on Monday!!! Nancy is looking good, she has fully recovered from her op? Trader Joe's looks like a very fun store. I sure wish we had something like that here in Podunk, middle of the US. But we don't.


pizza and quilts ? doesn't get much better than that (I woulda said plonk as well but I am not into wine, but if you had a very rough vodka, well I am there)



The other night when my son was home, I got out a box of those Indulgence ice cream sandwiches. Since there were just two left--one for me and one for hubby--I told my son, "Sorry, honey, but there's only two left and they're our diet ice creams anyway--I don't think you'd like them." LMAO!

Carole Meier

I certainly like the idea that she is no longer referred to Nancy no uterus! lol looks like a lovely day! Love the quilts. cheers!


Looks like you and Ms. No Blog had a fun time. Love me some Trader Joe's - I wish there was one close by my home. The antique quilt is gorgeous! The other two quilts are equally wonderful - Nancy is a very talented quilter. Ooh, a giftee from FQS!! You are a lucky girl!

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