October 26, 2007


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Kim Pebley

Tell them all hello from Kim in Havasu.. if I were there I would be taking the braid class!!!!
Have a great time.


I wish I was taking your class! Hey, what class are you teaching, anyway? Is it the braid quilt one? I bet it will be FUN!


I like the pretzel sticks - cute!

Just came across your blog and wanted to let you know about a free giveaway I'm hosting - come check it out! Thank you! Have a great weekend!


Oh how I wish I could take that class, you will be laughing too much to get anything done! Hope Cheryl will give us a blow by blow report and a full account of her purchases!

Vickie E

First, beautiful flowers. Second, have you done a tutorial on your braid quilt? or is it someone's pattern? How could I learn or get a hold of it? haha. I'm in Ohio and unfortunately the closest I will come to California this year is my Las Vegas trip. I leave this weekend and am having a giveway on my blog while I am gone. Please check it out www.midohioknitter.blogspot.com


Ahem - excuse me!!! tap, tap, tap! Is anyone there????? Where's my special bag for class tomorrow - did you forget that I'll be there? I'm sooooo crushed. :-(


Mary Anne Drury

OMG !! You have more energy than anybody I know!!! FIRST of all, those pretzels look YUUUUUMMMMMY!!!Second of all, I wish I lived closer (as in 3000 miles closer) so I could take your class and get one of those goody bags!!!! Third of all, does your hubby give lessons to other hubbies on being thoughtful ?

Have a great class tomorrow --sure sounds like it would be a BLAST !


Oh those pretzels look beyond yummy! That sweet and salty thing is wonderful...isn't Hunka a sweetheart! Do you have your little white mask...no make your's pink? Have a blast in class!


Since you obviously did not make a special bag for me then I've decided that you must give us a tutorial to make our own bag(s).

So, could you get to that soon, please! :-)


Love the party favors so much--especially the prezels. Tell us what you did to make them please?
You have a super hubby I think. Your new hair color is terrific.


Wow! I want to know where you get all that energy? Is it the new hair color? Looks lovely, by the by. Hunka hunka is certainly a wonderful hubba hubba!!
I SO want to take your class, especially after seeing the wonderful gifties you are giving everyone. I have never taken a class where the instructor has given out gifts - you are wonderful and amazing!! I would take your class, gifts or no gifts. It would be great fun, I know! Enjoy!!
Be careful not to breathe all that nasty ash, too, please.

happy zombie

Ditto Darlene!!!

happy zombie

PS... Do we win a bag for the first person who guesses who the pink one is for?


Ok, folks. Move it along. Nothing to see here. Contest is over - a winner has been selected.


LOL I get exhausted just reading about all you do! :)


Geez, how did you know I was going to pick the pink one? This is my first time to visit your blog in days? Didn't even realize you made it just for ME! Yay!!!!!

Anyhoo, thanks for everything Sharon! The class was great. It was amazing to see the same pattern done in different color ways. They were all LOVELY!!!!

Tell Nancy her homemade pumpkin cake (or was it bread) was de-lish!!!!


Dang it you forgot to take some Doe!!! I'm sorry. It was good to see you. It's been wayyyyy too long. OH and Monica she forgot my Caramel apple!! But she did bring me a goodie. Better than an apple.


You did do us proud on the meme -- fun to read more about you! And Holy Crap! Could you puh-leez slow down??? I can't keep up with you! I still have two more posts to read. Those pretzels and that pink frango candy look fabulous -- how 'come you don't weigh 1000 lbs. -- you must burn it off going a bajillion miles an hour.


I found your site by doing a google search for Quilt + When Harry Met Sally!!
Do you know the quilt pattern with the yellow tulips that is on her bed? I have inherited a pink version from my husbands 93 year old grandmother and I'm trying to find out more about it. Imagine my amazement at watching the movie on TV last night and seeing the quilt I am trying to research! Just wondering if you might know since you are a quilter,too. Thanks much.
Chris in Alaska

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