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I might make it if I knew what it was, but if I knew what it is iwouldn'the be writing this. Sorry I think I got lost too. 10:30? Why get out of bed, it's almost the next day! Love your post keep them coming. Have a great day


I agree with you, I love my bed too. It is so funny because my Duchess will not wake me up she wakes up hubby. Then she comes right back to bed and snuggles right back with me.
So happy that you love your job.
Hope you have a wonderful day.


The stitcheries are going to be cute coming from you. We all need our "happy place", the quilt shop does it for me.
BTW, isn't it time for a new post? Just saying, I enjoy seeing you back :-)


so pleased to find you blogging........I lost you a few years ago.......found you via Penny Rose and now your a fabric designer.........OMG..........CONGRATS

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