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Nice to see you! Love those pumpkins. I sure could use some nice cool weather. :-)


really enjoy your blog, so it's sad to hear that you will be shutting it down. Instagram is pretty cool, but often i think why can't she just post that on her blog -- it would be so much more detailed. it's like the blogger doesn't want to take the time to be personal, "Hey, I'm too busy for you." and, it's frustrating trying to follow-up on a post, often times leading me to naughty or commercial links. i know you have considered all this and have a plan. Good luck in all your endeavors, and best wishes in all that you do!


Yes, blog sooner than later! Blogs just give readers so much more than IG--I do love IG too...but there is just something about a blog!

Love your blocks!

Lori Holt

Hi Sharon!
Thanks so much for participating and doing the patchwork pumpkin block!!
I love how you added another row of orange squares on each one!!!
Super cute quilt:)

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