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Wow....good to see some life on here !!!! I will keep coming back !


Instagram has made it so much easier...


It's hard finding time for everything and posting a quick photo on Instagram is much easier than composing a blog post.

Joan H.

Glad to see you back. I think I'll have to try Instagram. Everyone seems to like it.


Good you see you blogging again - always love reading about your adventures. I love Instagram too.

Connie Teasley

Hey Sharon, so good to hear from you. Always enjoy reading your posts and admiring what you have made. You have amazing talents. Take care!


It worked! :-) Now I have to do the same thing. Oh oh!


Nice to see you blogging!


Missed those e-mail notices and lo' and behold here you are so it must have worked. I do facebook, pinterest, and read e-mails and blogs. Hopefully, I'll get a cell soon as I'm feeling lost; I need to be more connected!

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