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February 28, 2014


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Florence Kensek

Put your tubes away in a drawer in separate baggies marked with BIG words what they are. Don't want you in the hospital! It's so great to be reading your blogs again. And Skylar is just beautiful!

And we are expecting a foot Sunday evening through Monday. I still love it. Happy weekend! Florence


My darling puppy who is now 10 also hates having her nails cut.


OMG you make me laugh Sharon. You reminded me of when I started working in Pharmacy back in end of the 70's. We used to get the football guys coming in to buy their wintergreen ointment to rub into their muscles before and after workout. We always told them to make sure they washed their hands after applying it and being young, silly males they used to laugh thinking they knew it all. Then one of them came back for burn cream for his most delicate of parts and wondered why we tried so hard not to laugh. Typical male!!

Jen W.

Our 'big' snow has taken a turn to the South and we are now getting minimal snow. I was kind of hoping for a "work at home" snow day tomorrow. Looks like I need to get up and drive in.


My sweet husband once put Icy/Hot on his thigh for sore muscles. Then it accidentally came into contact with his underwear and soaked in. That put it into direct contact with 'the family jewels' which resulted in much pain, cursing, and a valuable lesson learned. LOL

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