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May 22, 2013


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Glad to have you back! I've missed you. Keep it coming!


Sharon it was so good to see you at market...and so fun to have a blog post...I truly love reading your blog and do miss it when you don't post (but I know how hard it must be to post with a business)

Sharlene Melhaff

YAY! You are back...to stay I hope! I really did miss you....I love seeing all that you make
and what you do in life. I LOVE RED! I love decorating with Geraniums and so therefore I see you everywhere in my home. Welcome back!
It's like a reunion with an old friend....


I LOVE your header!!!!!!!!! Im so glad you are going to blog more...I love your blogs!!!!!!!! maybe u will inspire me to blog more lolo...I LOVE that little bag you made me, its perfect for some bracelets!!!!!! looks darling sitting on my vanity!!!!! MISS UUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!


I enjoy your blog! I also quilt and do rug hooking and now I started to dye fabrics....LOL. It neves ends does it?


'bout time young lady! I haven't tried hooking so might have to get started ...it's not too late is it?? :)


I love reading your blog! Of course I keep up with you on FB too. Love all your projects.


Welcome back! :-D

Jean C.

Long time no read.... (ahem, that's my fault!) say... tell Hunka... he's there for decoration too! Don't they always just want to hang out a bit... my guy does. He thinks I put the wing back chair in my sewing room for him! LoL... oh well, nothing wrong with him thinking that I suppose.

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