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March 23, 2013


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Your new quilts are so cute, I love the baskets of course. Nothing like a fun box of goodies to make your day. We are getting warmer days here. Spring is coming.


Awww, look at Micah watching his mom and dad -- too cute! I wonder if they got him at the shelter where my youngest volunteers. Luckily, he can't have a dog where he lives or he would have brought a ton of them home LOL.

Sounds like you had a great time with Hillarie! My DIL is all about the shopping and would love it if I would take her to a spa. I hate shopping and I HATE spas LOL!!! Instead, I took her hiking on a freezing cold mountain and I think she hated it! She's a better DIL than I am a MIL.

Did you get a lot of snow? It's still coming down here -- I LOVE it. LOVE that cute little gingham basket quilt too!


I am so tired of the snow. I'm glad you enjoyed it but I'm ready for sunshine and flip flops. You had a great day out with your future DIL. That's awesome. The quilt with the center star is my favorite. I need to find some sewing time. Maybe I'll just quit my job so that I can sew all day long. HA! LOL!


i love your basket quilt - and in gingham no less, just too stinkin' cute! is there a pattern available? i am in arizona -- where it's HOT!! hate those summers of ours!


those ginghams are darling...and so are YOU!!!!!!!

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