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March 17, 2013


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Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love your sweet little basket and that beautiful pillow. The daffodils are pretty too. Happy st. Patty's Day, Sharon.


Did I hear you say fiance??? Welll either you've kept this hush hush or I've been asleep at the wheel (probably the second) I have not been with it, but congratulations and I look forward to more things being talked about the wedding as the weeks go by :)


Those little basket blocks are adorable Ms. Red -- I saw them on Pinterest and tried to click through to see whose they were, but the link wouldn't work. I'm excited to see that they're yours! And wouldya look at all that thread -- such a deal!!!


The baskets are so adorable, makes me want to start them NOW! The daffodils are so nice this time of year, I'm going to get some off the farm. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too. Off to my retreat today!


Love your basket blocks! OMG are those Aurifil threads ALL the big spools? I WANT them . . . . I am so drooling on my keyboard!
xoxx, R


OMGGGGG that pillow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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