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March 13, 2013


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All so pretty and welcoming. But boy Do I hear you about putting it away.


Your decorating is so pretty and inspiring. I could take that adorable yellow bench off your hands....less to put away....teehee :-)

Florence Kensek

I love all your decorations and your quilts. I especially like the fact that you are back blogging! Florence


I've turned into my Mother-in-Law. I used to think she was such a scrooge 'cause she quit decorating. I don't do much any more either -- I still have it all and I love it, but there's never anyone around to enjoy it anymore. I should do it just for me, but I'd rather spend my time sewing. Your decorations look so cute -- I saw some of them on Pinterest!


Nah. I have a wreath up and a spring table runner on my dining table. But I STILL have 2 Christmas table toppers on my end tables in the living room. They are covered with stuff so who can see them?! LOL!

Kris of Dandelion Quilts

Nope. I think there's still a snowman quilt on the door. Of course it did snow here yesterday. You're house sure looks cute though.


your decorating is to die for!!!!!!!!!! love love love

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