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February 12, 2013


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Florence Kensek

She is SO sweet and beautiful! Such a lucky puppy who will be so loved and spoiled! Florence


Chloe is adorable, but she need to be wearing "red"!!!


Welcome Chloe. She's so sweet and pretty. Give her lots of hugs today.

Ter'e Crow Lindsay

OMG! I am so thrilled for you!!!!!! Chloe is just precious. How old is she????
I hope she turns out to be an absolutely wonderful dog for you and Dennie-Boy!
Does she get to sleep in bed with you? LOL.
Charley loves it when I let him cuddle with us.

Happy Valentine's Day to you both. David and I send our love.

Jean C.

Long time no read! Sorry seems there is always something to do lately. So, you got a new little girl! Wonderful... we've been looking, and there are a few out there that we (I) would love to have. Just haven't felt motivated enough I suppose. Congrats! She looks like she is "very patient" with you! I bet you dressed your little boys up in dresses when they were babies too hmmm? LoL....

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