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November 21, 2012


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Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love the beautiful afghan, and the quilt. And oh, those colors! Happy thanksgiving, Sharon.


Happy Thanksgiving. I didn't know you crocheted as well. The afghan is wonderful with all the colours.


Hope your day was wonderful!!! Our weather was lovely too. Blue sky but only hit about 59....perfect weather and perfect day!!


Happy Thanksgiving! And yes! I love those giant polka dots. Looks terrific!

Betsy Albertson

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we did here in Arkansas, weather was wonderful, but changed as the evening went on. I am so envious of your afghan, being a person that does not crochet, love the colors in this one too! Always enjoy seeing your quilts, you do an amazing job on them and being a polka dot lover, I too, love what you did for a backing on this quilt. Thanks for sharing all what you have created, I so enjoy seeing, such eye candy to me! :)


Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Ms. Red. Looks like you've had some fun quilting. That little quilt for Stella is adorable!


You've been keeping busy. Love the afghan that you did. I wish I had that talent but my hands and fingers don't work like that.

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