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November 13, 2012


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that is the coolest kitchen I have ever seen!!!!


Lookin' good Ms. Red! Thanks for showing a close-up of that cool wine cabinet -- I noticed it in an earlier picture but couldn't make out the colored glass sides, which are SO pretty!


What an absolutely gorgeous inviting kitchen.


WOW!! I love it!! Love the Open/Closed sign the most. Perfect for a kitchen.

Betsy Albertson

Oh my goodness, love the kitchen and the wine rack, was going to ask what that was, but then at the end you showed a close up, how cool is that and love all the Annies around! Thanks for sharing, it is really insipring!


I have always loved your taste in decorating Sharon, it looks wonderful...and I wouldn't mind having a kitchen like that either! ;)


If I had a kitchen like that it would be a joy to spend time in it. Really lovely! You
definitely have a talent for decorating. So glad you shared with us.


Oh so pretty! Just love that our counters are the same..but I need your sink!


oh how I love your kitchen always have
that sign is just wonderful ! what a great find.
seek happiness

Jean C.

So did you have a happy Thanks Giving? I can just see you and your boys and friends there..
we had ours at our daughters this year... it's easier on the grands cause they have more things to do at their house then ours. Basically they can go downstairs and make noise and not bug everyone so much! LoL.... Love the tour! Thanks for taking us along....

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