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October 30, 2012


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Happy Halloween. I think the pink tractor is great and I love your haunted house all lit up.


Happy Halloween to you!! I think that pink tractor needs to come live at my house.


Happy Halloween. The pink tractor is so darn cute. Love this little house all lite up. Halloween decorating is my favourite. Glad to see you back posting again....I missed you.

Jean C.

Darn I totally forgot to come Trick or Treating at your house this year! Oh... well, at least to your blog! Love the little Halloween house!
And pink tractor... do you really think Hunka would want a "pink tractor" in your yard? If he doesn't mind... you've got a keeper!!!
Take it easy...
Thanks Giving is just 3 weeks away!
Times they be a ticking away.... b/4 we know it your 2nd favorite time of the year will be here!
Good to read you again...


You're so funny! You're going to get Boo and Hillarie married off if it kills you!!!

Ter'e Crow Lindsay

Go ahead and confuse us!
Go ahead and keep us on the edge of our seats.
Go ahead and make us chew our nails.
YOU (and Hunka) are so worth it.
Love you Baby Girl!!!!!!!

P.S. Now about that t.p holder.............LOL


What great post. I love your kitchen.

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