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October 15, 2012


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Gorgeous pics! Glad you had a great time in Tennessee celebrating Boo' birthday.
Wedding in the future hopefully :)


I missed you! I check your blog everyday. I'm so happy you are back. Love love the fall colours. The vines on our garage are now a beautiful red, soon the leaves will all fall off.
Take care.

Judy D in Upstate NY

Glad to see you blogging again. Enjoy reading it!

Sandy D

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. The colors here in Canada are so pretty too.We didn't think they would be because like you we had a drought.From our windows the trees are beautiful as we live in the country and have a lot of bush around us. Welcome back.


Hey Sharon! Always enjoy reading your blog and your pictures are great! Fall is my favourite season, too. Your son has some really great friends and Hillarie and him make a lovely couple.


What a great surprise for Boo! Great party! And you went to Paducah and bought ZERO??!!! Now, I call that impressive!


Lovely photos of all the trees surrounding your home. Fall is such a beautiful time of year. We don't get nearly as much colour as you do, here on southern Vancouver Island. Too many Douglas firs and cedars. But what there is, is very beautiful. Glad to see you blogging again, always enjoy what you have to say.

Bev Ames

So good to have you BACK! I've missed you! Thankyou ...Yes, babies grow up, and your Boo has done that...Good job, Mom!


Good to see you. I stop at Patty's every year that I go to the Paducah show. In fact, we stay at the marina right across the street from there. I hear it is still warm in St. Louis. My co-worker is headed there this weekend for a wedding. Wish it were time for my retreat...the one that meets at the Mercy Center.Maybe you can show up there again in the future.

Catherine Z

Greetings from Northern Saskatchewan CANADA! I check the blog every few days! I'm so glad for a new entry! Loved the pictures!


Love your blog and sharing of your life. Fall is a beautiful time of the year and thanks for sharing the great pics. Glad your trip was fun and hope your son pops the question soon if this gal is the right one for him. Take care; have a great weekend!


I don't know if I was MIA or if it was you! Anyway, love to read your posts and see your pretty pictures... always:)


Welcome Back. You have been missed!

Maureen Whitehead

Hi Sharon,
It's nice to see you back aagain. I missed reading your blog. 'Red Geranium' in the morning gives me the inspiration to quilt in the afternoon. Have a great day and enjoy the fall colours.


Well I call in regularly to see what you're up to cos I don't do Facebook, which I think is where you do most of your sharing of what you're up to, so I'm really glad you're back.


Im so jealous, all it is here is HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!! and YES...start blogging again, !!!!!!!!!! its one of the hightlights of my day!!!!

Jean C.

Good to read you again! I too missed you... just happened to check and see if you were in the blogging area! Fall is great isn't it?
We are having a beautiful one too...
DH and I took the oldest grand to a corn maze on Friday.... it was a "hoot"... hope that your "little Boy" had a great time on his day. Maybe he will get the hint! If not... give him a bigger one! Tell him.... He's not getting any younger! LoL....


Hi Sharon. We can buy those very same Halloween pumpkins here in Oz now. Funny thing is, it's spring here and pumpkin jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows and all things "witchy" seem to fit your "fall" better. Love your autumn colours in your pics. The trees are so beautiful.




Hey Ms. Red! Happy Birthday to Boo! Does Hillarie have any cute, eligible friends? Maybe we could go for a double Nashville wedding!!!!

Mary Burns

Love your pictures! Hugs, Mary

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