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August 26, 2012


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Sharon Macpherson

Sharon I am so excited you are getting a dog
How can you wait till Febuary I cant wait till the middle of Sept till our new puppy is born. She will be a perfect friend to Autumn also a golden I just love the breed Have fun looking


Hi Sharon,
Even though pumpkins don't feature very highly in Aussie autumn celebrations, I love them. I even grow them! Your new pumpkin is wonderful...love its colour. I can't wait until I can decorate with pumpkinny things again but its spring in Oz so its roses and pretty florals for me.


I love that new quilt you made while visiting Debbie. You have a sweet guy to bring a gift "just because", I'm thinking alot about pumpkins but working on Xmas, I have things backwards.


I did notice a little .....hummmm...maybe bbq sauce...on my quilt....lmaooooo...just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep that hunka...hes a keeper!!!!!!! I miss YOU!!!!!!!!

Sandi A.

I never seem to have time to read blogs anymore but today, I decided I'd stroll down the list of my favorite blogs. I still miss our dog Skeeter who passed away in 2004 and then we got Kaiser. You are wise to not get a dog while you have travel plans. I always wanted a little lap dog, but I also want to travel and having to leave the dog behind is not good for the dog. This makes me think of that old song "How much is that Doggie in the Window?" The pumpkin from Hunka is soooo cute!

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