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January 24, 2009


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I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend. I know what you mean about the blogging community. They are very special people.

Oh, do tell what you are planning on doing back in the biz! Whatever you do just let me know if I can help. You'll be great!


My prayers go out to Marlene's family and friends. She will be missed.

Can't wait to hear about your new adventure...

Kris Grover

I am so sorry about Mar. Good advice to tell those you love, now, that you love them.
Anxious to hear about your news...going back into the quilting biz you say?


wow, so you let the cat out of the bag did you.....well, I cannot wait for the world to see what your new venture is...and I will be the first in the line!!!!!!
sad sad news...I wish we could have met her at your party..


Hi Sharon, It is sad about Marlene as it always is when you loose a friend. Like you I was only friendly with Marlene via blogging but like with all our blogging community a bond is formed. I am excited for you with your news about your future shop. All the best, looking forward to updates.


The blogging community has lost a dear friend and gained an angel to guide us. My heart goes out to Marlene's family and friends. Now, on a lighter note, what you got up your sleeve, hmmm?

happy zombie

I'm so sad to hear of Mar's passing. PKM hold told me how ill she was. She was such a nice lady, she left me such sweet comments and emails. So very sad.

Oh a happy note... I'm so jazzed you're getting back into the biz!!!!! WHHHOOOO WHOO and I can't wait to hear more!

Cracking UP over Joe-Joe's grand adventures with his new mommy! But hey... his stuffing has shifted a little. HAhahahaHAHA. Do I hear Barry White singing???

happy zombie

PS... if Thimbleanna asks... you saw ME with Sawyer in Hawaii. Wink. Wink.

happy zombie

I'm having comment-fart tonight...

PKM HAD told me - not hold told me. Yeesh, I'm such a dork.


OMG how could I forget Monica of course that was YOU with Sawyer that time in Hawaii when we were all on the island sipping Mai Tai's together. ALOHA!!!!!


Very sad about Mar. Her blog was always so fun and cheery. We will all miss and my thoughts are with her family and friends. What are you up to Ms. Red??:-)!!


Mar will be sadly missed - her blog was always fun - thinking of her family and friends at this time. On a lighter note Miss Sharon......can't wait until you fill us in on the details of your new venture....I will be there right behind Deb! I love those little kits.....!....and I love the gifts from the boys...very thoughtful.....!I like Joe in the last spot..near the Bee Happy sign...I'm just sayin'.....!!


Very sad news...makes you realize how short and precious life is. Don't know what you're cooking up there but I know it will be wonderful! Can't wait to hear. Cute, cute kit.


can't wait to hear about your new adventure...
spring market watch out RED is coming!
yes it was sad to hear about Mar.
great calendar, cute gift from Boo, thoughtful son he is...
when your done with St Joseph you can send him to me...

Jennifer from NY

Hi Sharon--I'm so sorry about your friend's passing. It sounds like she was a wonderful woman. I just gave my son an extra kiss because you're right, we have to let them know how much we love them every day.

Your calendar from your son is awesome. My sisters and I give one like that to my dad every Christmas. You got some great gifts!!

Can't wait to hear more about your new quilting adventure...let me guess, longarm quilting?? So you can do that even when you move?? Whatever it is, how exciting!! Love,Jen

Valerie / Pumpkin Patch Quilter

I'm so sorry to hear about Mar. That's so sad. :(

I'm excited to hear about your quilt shop endeavor. Can't wait to hear more. Yay for you! It is my dream to some day be able to go to quilt market. Can't wait for those pictures! Lol* Your coin kits are adorable too. I know you will do well in selling them! :)


That is very sad news. On the other hand, very happy news about you! When you can share the details, I would love to hear what kind of shop and where!

Vickie E

Yes I had heard about Mar and it is sad for sure. I hope you sell your house. We have been trying to sell ours for 21 months. It's getting tough to pay both mortgages. I have a St. Joseph...but he's not buried either. maybe I need to bury him this spring...

Carla Finley

Sorry to hear of your friends passing. My thoughts are with everyone that knew her and loved her. She sounds like quite a lady and so young.
I love your little quilt. The colors are great.


Such sad news about your blog friend. Just proves how real this blog world really is when the online friends grieve just as much as anyone else. I wish I'd found her blog before as it looks as if she was a wonderful gal.

Can't wait to hear more about your new adventure!

Dandelion Quilts

Sad news. I didn't know Mar but my heart goes out to all of her blogging and sewing companions. The stars were a wonderful gesture.

Your quilt is really cute. . .your calendar shows just how thoughtful your son is. . .your quilting news leaves us something to anticipate!


Sorry to hear about your friend. I doubt you have bought a brickfront store in the state you are trying to flee, but online stores are all the rage right now so that would be cool!

Love all the cool gifties and the fun quilt!


Very sad about Mar. I heard her name a lot.

I just love the 9 patch quilt. So simple and adorable. That bathing suit girl is pretty darn cute, too! How sweet of Boo to make that calendar. Very thoughtful child, that boy. And very nice of Monica to lend you her St. Joe. I hope it works!


It's very sad to hear of a friend passing. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

Did I read it correctly you are starting up a new venture....woohoo....I'm so excited and can't wait to hear more...we need more details...spit it out!

Very thoughtful calendar and you can enjoy it all year.


I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. I will be giving all my loved ones an extra hug now.

Can't wait to hear more about the new venture! Hope you will still have time to do some quilting on Daisy! I have a quilt top that I would love for you to quilt for me... as soon as I get it done! LOL!


I will keep her friends and family in my prayers.


When does the madness end? I have enjoyed reading your blog, but not for the reasons that so many others do. You see, I have seen the REAL Sharon, and she doesn’t portray that side of herself. You see, I know the people in her blog who were supposedly her friends, but have now done something against her. Am I the only one who has noticed the “friends” who have come and gone. The common denominator in all of this seems to be the one person who feels that she has been slighted. Many of them who she thought were her “friends”, aren’t anymore because they have dared to shop at the quilt store that she willing sold. Is it a coincidence that “she” doesn’t get along with the new owners anymore? I know the new owners and her former employees, and I know that they did everything they could to help Sharon, but when she wasn’t the center of attention anymore, they became her enemies. What happened to her former sista Beth. What happened to Vivki at LA Quilter. Both, two of the nicest people in blog land who were told off by Sharon. How sad that I have been in that store and her sista Nancynoblogs, has to sneak in to shop when Sharon is out of town. Why doesn’t she teach at The Calico Horse anymore? I also frequent that store and know that the owner is one of the nicest people. Ask anyone. I heard about the awful emails that were sent to the owner. Is it really the fault of the local stores that they don’t use her for quilting. I know the “friendship” group that she was supposedly kicked out of. Would you like to hear their side of the story? Are eleven other people really that wrong? Why didn’t Sharon speak to her son for two years? Why did she badmouth her husband all of those years? Why doesn’t she just keep it real? I love that she is now going to go back in to the “quilt shop” business. I guess she can’t let go of the past. She can’t stand that the attention is not on her. How sad… I realize that this post will anger many. I think your support of Sharon is great and I understand why you read her blog. It’s entertaining and fun. I just want to set the record straight and speak up for all the really “nice” people who really were her friends, when they did only what she wanted them to do. I hope she can get rid of her victim mentality and really enjoy life.


I was very sad and stunned yesterday when I heard about Mar - she'll be very, very missed by so many! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Sharon!

I wondered when you were going to announce your new venture - it's about time! :-) Good luck but remember to enjoy!

That little quilt looks just like the one I made and sent to you - sweet!


Hi Sharon,
I'm sorry to hear the news about Mar, but really sorry I didn't get to know her. I didn't find her blog till after she had become sick through Linda. I know you can meet someone on blogland and feel like they are your best friend to talk to.
Now about your new adventure, is it going to be a store or just online??? So exciting. I've still got to get all the people around here well to get mine off the ground good. My brother is now here staying for a little bit.
Keep us posted,


I forgot to tell you that St. Joe looks cute in all his places. Believe and it will happen.

barbie Jo

Very sad to hear about Mar :(
I loved your Calendar, especially the pic of Mom & boys, so cute!
And now we just can't wait to hear about your new quilting adventure, boy are u going t b busy!!


Marlene was a very sweet person and I'm so saddened by her passing. I know she touched a lot of people's lives with her kindnesses.

Can't wait to hear your quilty news.


That is such sad news.

And then there sounds like good news too. And love your nine-patch and calendar.


Dang it! My first comment is gone -- it's that stupid word verification -- I forgot to do it. Makes me wonder how many of my comments in the past have disappeared!

You and Monica are TOO mean to me!!! You know Sawyer is MINE all MINE -- you can have Jack, and since she tried to dump Hurley on me, she can have him!

I'm so sorry to hear about Mar -- she always left the nicest comments. I hope she knows how much she was loved when she received all of our cards and e-mails after Linda issued "the call".


I was very sorry to hear about Mars passing. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends. Good luck with Saint Joe. I hope he helps.


Hi Sharon,
oh...I'm so sad. I met Mar last year through blog hopping, it was so nice to chat with her & even if I didn't "know" her for a long time I know she was a special one...
Strange thing...for the last 4 days I had to think of her repeatedly & I wondered how she was...I hope she's now in a better place.
She once sent me a note pad with a saying

>>don't count the days...make the days count<<

this always reminds me of her & I hope to live up to that saying...

- Julia


Sharon, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Thank you for the reminder about telling our loved ones how much we care about them.
I'm excited to hear that you are going back into business. Can't wait to hear the details.
The note on the box from your friend is hilarious. It sure gave me a chuckle. Did ya hear me??? LOL
Take care!


JOE JOE helped my mom sell her house....but he was plastic :) He was planted head first in the ground. Maybe put him in a plastic bag and then bury him outside the front door....that's what we all do here in NJ.

OH and I'll take one of those kits if you have one left still....I need something patriotic....

(who's still fuming over the nerve of that blogger )

happy zombie

Ok... You can have Jack. Anna can have Sawyer (but that doesn't mean I'll stop drooling over him). I can't have Hurley, because I think I'm his long lost sister. Dibs on George Clooney!

happy zombie

I TOO have goofed on the word verification thing and wonder how many comments I actually haven't posted. Ever since typepad changed how it does it (going to a next page for word-veri)... I'm all messed up.

Carole Meier

So sorry to read about Mar! My goodness, so much sadness! We had a death in our community; a 16 year of boy at the wheel of a car. Tragic! My thoughts are with you Sharon!

Glad to read that the cat's out of the bag. I wish you all the best on your new venture. Looking forward to visiting you!

Hugs, my friend!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

My hugs and sympathy on the loss of your blogging friend.


My heart broke when I heard about Mar. She was such a delightful, loving person, and she will be missed by so many.
Congrats on the new biz - can't wait to hear more! It will be a success I know!
May St. Joe bring tons of buyers to your house - it'll be sold in NO TIME!!
Love the quilts you've been making, too.


I was very sad when I heard about Mar.
I didn't know her but she was my partner in Linda's bag and bucket swap.
Mar made me the most gorgeous bag. It's so nice that I've never been able to bring myself to use it but I have it hanging up and look at it as I pass by every day.
Mar also made me the sweetest little needlecase that I use all the time.
I imagine it was probably one of the last swaps she took part in so I feel very lucky to have this little piece of her.



So very sad to hear about Mar. I never met her but so wish I had. When Mar became ill and couldn't complete her SSCS commitment I stood in for her and sent her promised gift. I am honored to have done so. I have read all the comments about her and she was a much loved member of the blogging community.
May you be knee deep in fabrics up in bloggy heaven Mar.
With love and fond memories.

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