September 08, 2008


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Hey Red!

I was just sitting here waiting for you to post something and then poof, there you were! Then I read on and then poof, there I am with my gal pal! I am so glad that we met that day because now when I go to Home Depot you can reach the stuff for me on the top shelf! You know that I luv ya!

And which little bag is mine? To make it easy just give me both of them! You can also send me that cute pineapple quilt!

Now, since I am a born Southerner, I need to RUN to Walgreens and get some of that sweet tea! These people around here don't know how to drink tea!

Thanks for everything! HUGS!


Oh...I have already seen you with the tiny ones... ;o)
Oh my he has worked a lot on the lovely little benches...they do look really good...so sorry it´s so long way to Sweden...:o(
Oh...I loved the quilt with the pineapple...a real beautie!!

Vickie E

ok Sharon, that lil treasure box..I have all the pieces sewn to the batting/backing and I am about to put the zipper on. I am zip challenged...I only have a 9 inch zipper and don't want to wait to buy a 12 inch zipper, only to cut it down. Sooo what size zipper are you using?
Oh and you made a stitchery for the cupcake swap I believe with a raggedy annie on it. What pattern is that from?


Thanks Sharon! Contest/giveaway is open until September 30th, so everyone still has plenty of time to make a guess. Come on over! What exactly is sweet tea - is it just iced tea sweetened with sugar (like Arizona) or is there something special in it? I'll have to look for it around here and give it a try.



Those bags you make are so darn cute! I love the polka dot and rick rack theme. I just have too much on my hands to enjoy with you girls. But I'm super jealous. It looks so fun.


Before long you will have met all the bloggers on the planet! We should have some sort of contest -- who's met the most bloggers? You Win!!!


Woohoo. Love that pineapple quilt. I have to pass on the sweet tea though. It's one southern tradition I just can't deal with! LOL


I LOVE that pineapple quilt - that is freakin adorable - just like those bags - I want one of them - can you share the directions or is it a pattern I can get somewhere - hey a girl's got to ask.

Hugs - karen


My goodness, Miss Sharon, you have been very busy. Hunka did a great job on the stools. They are beautimous!! Your pineapple quilt is really pretty, it would look great in my house if you want me to keep it for you until you move, lol. Glad to see you meeting more bloggers, the more the merrier! Love the new purses!


Sweet tea!! You are talking my language girl. Please Please do you have a pattern or instructions for the little polka dot/rick rack purses. They are just too cute for words. As a blogger I read daily says, "I'm just sayin".


Oh my I love that quilt with the pineapple in the center. How fun to meet some new blogging friends. Yummo sweet tea for me.


Glad you found the tea at Walgreens, after I told you, I started doubting my memory! Love the pineapple quilt!!

Ivory Spring

Hi Sharon,

I came to your blog by way of Arlette. I love your quilts, especially the pineapple one.

Great blog!


Congrats on the awards! Love the bags you made - polka dots and rick rack, eh? Hmmmmm.......I see a theme here.
I love those quilts! I'd love the piney-apple one, pleeze and thank you! LOL
Stefanie and Cara are cuties....and tiny. Not fair!! Of course, it's not so bad being an Amazon beauty, is it? Naw!!

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