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July 03, 2008


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Carol Lewis

Sharon, please enter me in the drawing for the cute bag. My plans for the 4th - I'm resting and recovering from being in a car accident today. My brand new car was hit by a lady who ran a red light. I'm all bruised up and sad about my car. I'm going to spend the weekend doing some sewing, probably going to make a new apron.


Would love to enter a chance for your sweet give-away! Our plans for July 4th are to enjoy the day quietly at home on our farm.....and and watch A Capitol Fourth concert on PBS! Thank you!

Sandi A.

I would love to be entered in your drawing. I will be relaxing on the 4th of July by playing in my sewing room, doing laundry, and stitching on my crazy quilt blocks on the front porch. Have had many trips to family things in the last couple of months so this is a much needed quiet weekend. I'll add you to my blog, too!

Kathie B

Sharon, The bags are really very cute!!! You amaze me with your projects. (I don't always comment but every one I see is beautiful!!) Tomorrow morning we will go to my great nieces all-star softball game in neighboring town......GO MACKENZIE!!!! Then to the in-law's cabin for a barbeque lunch with family.Then tomorrow evening the neighborhood is having a bbq/fireworks gathering !! This is a first in our little country-side neighborhood and we have several folks that I look forward to visiting with.........All-in-all a fun packed fourth!! What are your plans??? If you take any classes while in Sisters, especially from my good friend Sally Fry, introduce yourself She's a wonderful teacher and from the same small town as I am! I'm sure you will love her as much as we do here!!Thanks for the chance for one of your bags! Travel Safe....Kathie


ok you asked for it....first Im getting up and going to a fabulous breakfast buffet..then Iam going to go snorkling and swimming with the turtles, the REAL turtles..then Im gonna lay on the beack for awhile, then Im goinna go to the fireworks display by the beach...then Im gonna eat some more.........you asked for it,lolololol......miss YOU!!!!!!

Sherri M

The bags are really cute--well my husband has to work on the 4th, and two of my four children are out of town (one at college, one at a camp). So My oldest and youngest and I will probably stick around the house, BBQ with a family we are friends with, and then watch the local fireworks from our driveway--it's a pretty good view.


OH! OH! Pick Me! Sadly my plans are pretty ho-hum. Hubby is a barbershop singer and the international contest is this weekend and there is a web cast - so he sits for hours - yes, hours! Listening to the contest. (Yawn!) Now if it was quilting interviews/demos, I'd be pushing him out of the chair!LOL! So, I am going to hit Barnes & Noble and JoAnne's - then sit and watch DVDs and stitch, eat raspberries and cherries, some feta and olives, and ... well- you get the idea! Then down to the river to watch the fireworks! Have a great time in Oregon - you will have a blast! Bend has some great bakeries too. See you on the flip side!


Very cute, I've already done a post for you. Hmm plans for tomorrow, checking out to see if any tag agencies are open on Saturday. Dh got a ticket today, tags are outta date....bummer... then home to have a nice quiet barbeque and probably a little stitching.


Since it is already the 4th here and I am not in the US I am at work....but enjoyed reading how everyone is planning to celebrate...have a great time in Sisters....Sisters is on my "bucket list".....one day!! ....and to Beth...a gag will work better than just keeping her hands busy!! - I'm just sayin!


Hi Sharon was just over at chookyblues blog and looks like you are having the same problem I had with comments being no reply because your with typepad. Rather than me explain if you visit my blog and look at the post from June 29th it will give you a blog to go to help you out.Thats if your still with typepad that is, hope this helps.Have a great day

Michele P.

I'm just staying close to home with the kids. Ordering up a pizza and doing some sparklers with my daughter. We have an excellent view of the local fireworks so will be pulling up a chair to watch later tonight. Have a fun time in Oregon!

Dawn Dee

Count me in for the drawing. We have a tradition at our house to watch "Independence Day" with Will Smith. And then we watch our local fireworks from our back porch. Have a fun time in Sister's.

May Kristin

Happy 4th of July!
My plans for today is that I'm leaving for Copenhagen, Denmark, today, to join my cousins wedding tomorrow! I look forward to meet with lots of family!
Have a wonderful celebration!

Mary Jenkins

these are so suave! well done! and come enter my giveaway when you have a breah from purse-making!


Plans for the 4th? Well, let's see. I'm going to sleep in, for one thing. Then I'll have some coffee and read some emails and blogs and motate my rear end into the Sweat Shop for some quality quilting time. Somewhere in there, I'll start thinking about cooking a whole bunch of food, because even if there's only three of us, it IS the 4th of July and we have to make pigs of ourselves, right? Oh, and then there will be more quilting time. And that's probably pretty much the whole day right there! So send me the purse! And let's talk in the next few days about your road trip route and a potty stop in Sac!

Suzanne B. (Crunchy Green Mom)

Come over and join us on Blogger. We can be neighbors :)

My 4th? I am going to host a BBQ at my house like I do every year. However this year, I bought 30$ worth of brauts (They are AMAZING! Handmade by a small mom and pop store here in Denver... swoon)
We are going to drink a little eat up, I am going to spend some much needed time with my beautiful best friend who is due any day now with a son who I've been in love with since before she got pregnant.
And... go see the fireworks with my family!

I can't wait.

I hope you have a GREAT July 4th! I love your purses.


Boy, those bags are pretty! I sure would like to give one of them a home... I would take good care of it and take it for an outing every now and then.
As it already is the 4th here we have started the celebrations with breakfast on the porch. That in itself is a celebration....summer has arrived!!! Hopefully she'll stay for a while! And then we are going to a 50th birthday party. The kids are a little upset that we are not having our annual 4th of July party. I said to them to do their own...naa, that is not going to happen!
Have a GREAT 4th! Enjoy the fireworks! That is the one thing DH misses, no fireworks in Sweden on the 4th (I wonder why!!!). And even if we did our own, nobody would be able to see them since it is daylight all night!!!

Vickie E

Hey Sharon, I just want to let you know I am still here. I haven't emailed my swap partner because I've been so busy. I did gather some items while shopping yesterday...so...I am working on it. The only glitch is that my husband is home from Japan. He's in some bad bad shape. He can hardly walk.The flight caused his foot to swell again and he's in lots of pain. So I am taking care of him and not sure with the kids and a laid up husband, how much I will get online.


As always those bags are wonderful...maybe you should start doing patterns for your bags...I'm just sayin. Andy and I have no big plans for the day...we're going to grill tonight and have a little wine...yum! I'm so bummed I missed out on the Cupcake swap...sounds like it's going to be FUN! I'll make sure to not miss the next one.
I'll be looking for you on Blogspot...it has it's problems every now and then, but it's FREE!
Have a great 4th.


Hi Sharon, I just had to message you to say that although I am an Oz person, I have been to Sisters! Hubby has relatives living in Oregon where we spent Christmas a few years ago, and may do again this year. I also visited the patchwork shop and bought some beautiful Diane Phalen cards/notelets, all featuring paintings of lovely quilts within a landscape. Have a wonderful visit to Sisters, and enjoy the 4th July festivities.


Loving that bag! Hoping everyone has a fabulous 4th of July!


would love to enter the drawing. those bags are wonderfull! I'll be doing nothting special because I'm living in The Netherlands...we have 'Queensday" on 30th of April every year..


Hi Sharon,
What georgous bags!!
The 4th of July found my family and I kayaking down the river with friends. What a great day we had. Hope you had a good day too.


Oh! I so need a new bag. Please put me in the draw. Have a great 4th of July. I will be thinking of you all from here in OZ.


Hi Sharon

Well I am working today, as I live in Germany we do not celebrate the 4th of July. I wish you and your familiy a very pleasant day.
Sunny regards - Irma


g'day Shazza petal
please count me into the draw.. 4th of July? hmmm how did I spend it (its over here in aussieland) um, doing bugger all actually! I actually spent the past hour gluing bits of fabric into a journal for my tumbler quilt I might finish one day.. I did also happen to go to the post office to mail some fat to you *W* so keep your eyes out petal! 10 workin days!



4th of July is nearly over for us in Oz. I am interested in what you say about typepad I have a blogger blog and find it easy to use and really enjoy it but a friend has a shop and started hers with typepad I have been helping her out with it and boy is it hard to get along with it is really frustrating after using blogger.

sharon mac

Sharon Have a great 4th. As far as the holiday it will be quiet here in NJ DH has to work and I still am recovering from knee surgery. Love the bags, BUT most all all enjoy your upcoming road trip cant wait to hear all about it when you return. Be safe and enjoy Sharon


Happy 4th of July from Australia!!! Love your bags. How beautiful and Fresh looking. I am spending my 4th of July reading my American friends Blogs. This way I'm getting a real feel for the 4th July in America.
Love your blog.


Celebrated vicariously as I looked at all the lovely blog entries from you guys over there.


Pleas enter me in your draw. I have been using Blogger ever since I started blogging and have never had any problems. I'm just afraid they'll suddenly decide to go out of business and then where will I be???


Happy 4th..we are getting ready to head to the parade then the park for good food, rides for the grandkids, friends, family and end it with fireworks tonight...Hope you have a safe and happy forth...and Fun at Sisters...Toni


Those bags are adorable! Did you use a pattern - if so - do share! Good luck on switching your blog - I thought about doing the same because WordPress is so "techie" and I'm not so "techie" but I got it set up now, so I guess I'll leave it! LOL Happy Fourth Sharon - hope ya'll have fun!


These bags are really, really cute and I want two chances! I've linked to you (my post will come out tomorrow) so please put my name in the pot twice! Blessings, marlene


Sisters? You lucky thing. We're just going to hang out at home today, and watch some fireworks off our back deck.


Sorry you are having such trouble with TYPEPAD. Blogger can be a booger sometimes too, but overall I have been happy with it, AND it is free!!!!
Love the bags...I want one! What am I doing today???(the 4th) Family day. A cookout and some innocent sparklers and pop caps for the kids. We can see the city fireworks from our house, so we plant ourselves on the deck and watch from there.


Plans for the 4th - hmmmm - hubby is retired from the Air Force so he and a bunch of his Vet buddies have some special doings this morning.

I don't stand a chance in heck of winning either bag but I can dream. ROFLOL!

A friend and I went to Sister's six years ago (could be time to go again - hmmm) and had a blast so I know you will, too.


Oh Sharon! What a wonderful give-away! Here's to hoping for a little luck to come my way! These bags are FAB.U.LOUS!



Cute bags and sign me up Dano!!!!
I am going to update my post about your giveaway!!


Sorry for the second comment...I forgot to tell you what I was doing today. I am cleaning, cleaning, cleaning....
My husband is away at the Olympic Trials with some of the athletes that he coaches, so the kids and I will find some fireworks tonight.

I posted your give-away on my blog.:)

Anne Heidi

The 4th is just a regular old day in Norway- but I did hang out the Stars and Stripes this morning. DD is American AND Norwegian- so we get to celebrate tonight woo hoo! We're getting company this weekend, so I'm planning a big old taco fiesta on the verandah tonight. Happy 4th, and have fun! (oh and the bags are both so cute- I would love to be in the draw!)


What a fun trip....I will be spending the 4th with my littlest granddaughter.....baby-sitter called in sick so I will be heading to their house this afternoon.....

Super Mom

Those are sweet bags. We're going to be having a quiet 4th, at least until the fireworks. Beans are cooking in the crockpot and I made the potato salad last night, so my work for the day is done. Hubby does the bbqing. I'll be hitting the Independence Day sale at Hancock Fabrics sometime today. And then hubby and our son will be setting off fireworks around 10 (if they can wait that long... lol)


We're going to the local mall to watch fireworks this evening with the kids. Before that we're going to the pool, then coming home for giant bowls of ice cream smothered in chocolate and whipped cream, with strawberries!
Thanks for the opp to win! Love the bags!


OMG...the ric rack, the dingle balls...I'm in love!!!!
Those bags definately need some patterns, my dear!
4th is laid back for us...Hubby wants his "plain" potato salad...pots and eggs and mayo.yuck...I personally like all the goodies, so will be making 2 batches today!
Have a blast in Sisters...too bad we didn't coordinate a girls getaway and meet up w/you and Beth...maybe another time! Have a blast!


As I live in Scotland we don't celebrate 4th July, but my family do as we in live in an area where we had an American base for years so we had the 4th of July parades and parties which we really enjoyed. So we have an American meal at night and think about all the people we knew and the holidays that we have had there and enjoyed. Going to Florida ihn September so looking forward to the fabric shopping. Happy 4th to you all enjoy yourselves.

Jeanne Jones

I will be at Sisters, too! A group of 12 quilters from my guild is going. We all live in the Conyers, Georgia area. We are so excited. We are staying for a week. You will be able to spot me if I win one of your bags.

Peggy Aront

Please enter me into your drawing as I am a bag fanatic and yours are too darn cute!!!
Peggy in cloudy NJ

Crafty Diane

Would love to be in your drawing. I am doing laundry, going grocery shopping and then making bar-b-que chicken for supper. Then around dusk the kids, hubby and I are going to the town fireworks show. I am doing the laundry today so I can sew all day tomorrow while the hubby is at work!!

Karen L

I would love to win one of your handbags. You have a very enjoyable blog.

Karen L

PS...I have problems accessing typepad blogs.

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